I live in and am from DC, where the very first question people ask you after intros is, “So what do you do?” My answer has been the same for a while now. It’s either: “I run a health coaching website.” or “I am a health coach.”

Unfortunately, people’s responses have also been the same for a while now. It starts with: “So you’re vegan?” And even though that makes me want to give a lengthly lecture on veganism, I’m just like,

“But you eat tofu, right?” So then I get all Tyler on them and I’m like, funny-hell-naw-hell-no-rapper-tyler-the-creator-Favim.com-357923
 And then they’re like, “But at my doctor’s office they tell me meat and fat will give you heart disease.” tumblr_mtlnj5oeoz1qk0j55o2_r1_250
  “You eat meat and fat? But you’re…not fat.”
tumblr_n0rgch5pn91smy9ueo1_500  “Isn’t eating meat bad for the environment?” And by then I’m just like,  tumblr_n0mz6utOQi1qf1116o1_400e566a3fd72eb9845694e6cfe20fe10399229e5e462dadc45fec5c19ed0da4918  But they press on. “So like, what do you eat?” And then I go all Ron Swanson.


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