After writing my reviews of Herbalife, Isagenix and Advocare, the next protein/meal replacement shake I’m asked about most is Shakeology. I find that in lieu of actually putting time and energy into one’s own health, some people would rather drink a protein shake they have convinced themselves is the end-all-be-all to nutrition and call it a day. Except it doesn’t work like that. Shakeology is a company that touts its products as superfoods, as the best nutrition available, and as a safe, healthy and effective way to lose weight.

Is this true? Well, not exactly. Will it help you lose weight? Yes. Is it safe? No. Is it healthy? No.

Now here’s why.


Whey Protein Isolate

I’m all about whey protein. It’s a great protein source – but if and only if it’s grass-fed and organic. Which Shakeology’s is not. Purchasing inorganic whey is a cheaper option, but it is one that will lead to health issues. According to their website, their whey is “the highest commercial grade available” which sounds good but actually means nothing. There is no scale for highest commercial grade availability, and if this statement were true, they’d be using grass-fed and organic whey. The website does say the whey is antibiotic and BST free (they make no mention of whether or not the whey is free of BGH – or bovine growth hormone), but without regularly sourcing from grass-fed and organic farms, there is no way to guarantee this.

And I haven’t even mentioned the fact that if these cows are not grass-fed and organic, they’re eating genetically modified corn and soy. Cows are meant to eat grass, the bovine consumption of corn and soy – which are two of the highest genetically modified crops – causes infections in the cow and raises the omega-6 content while lowering the omega-3 content (making the whey much more inflammatory). In fact, this study demonstrated how organic dairy contains 62% more omega-3s and 25% less omega-6 fatty acids than inorganic dairy. Vitamins, particularly A, E, D and K are also higher in grass-fed dairy.

The fact is, every time you spend money on food or food products, you vote. You vote for small farmers, for organic food, for health, or you vote for giant corporations and GMOs. Purchasing Shakeology supports the genetic modification of our food.

Are there good ingredients in Shakeology? Absolutely. But that doesn’t mitigate the fact that the very first ingredient, aka what the product itself is mostly comprised of, is unhealthy. It’s kind of like eating fried Oreos and then a salad to make up for it. Is the salad healthy? Yeah, but you still just ate some gnarly food that will have a negative impact on your health.

The other issue is how the whey is processed. Unfortunately, Shakeology’s whey is completely denatured. They use ion exchange to extract it. Here’s what Milk Specialties Global has to say about this method of extraction:

“Ion exchange is a chemical method that utilizes pH adjustment in order to achieve protein separation. Raw whey is sent through a column that has an affinity for protein. The protein is collected and all the other macronutrients pass through. Chemical reagents sodium hydroxide and hydrochloric acid are introduced in order to release the protein, by adjusting the pH.

While this yields a very high protein ingredient – 90-96%, with no fat or carbs (lactose), this pH adjustment can denature the protein and can reduce the biological activity of the protein and it’s micronutrients. Reduced or eliminated are antioxidants, essential amino acids, protein digestion, calcium absorption and immune support to name a few.”

Folic Acid

Folic acid is the synthetic form of folate that is naturally found in food. This is a huge problem. Folate is a naturally occurring water soluble B vitamin. Folic acid, however, is a synthesized form of folate that the body is unable to properly absorb or utilize.

In fact, folic acid supplementation has even been linked to cancer.

“…in the Journal of the American Medical Association — suggesting that all the extra folic acid might increase your odds of developing cancer. “The more we learn about folic acid, the more it’s clear that giving it to everyone has very real risks,” says folic acid researcher David Smith, PhD, a professor of pharmacology at the University of Oxford in England.”

Another study out of Chile linked folic acid supplementation with an increased risk of colon cancer.

And yet another study out of Norway linked folic acid supplementation with a 21% increase in lung caner.

“Folic acid and B12 supplementation was associated with a 21% increased risk for cancer, a 38% increased risk for dying from the disease, and an 18% increase in deaths from all causes.”

While folate is a necessary part of a balanced diet, folic acid has actually been linked to increased rates of cancer (another source for ya).

What about the vegan shakes?


Holy phytic acid. Oat, rice, quinoa and amaranth are all loaded with lectins and phytic acid, gut irritants and enzyme inhibitors. Phytic acid binds to calcium, zinc, iron, manganese, magnesium and other minerals, preventing them from being absorbed.  So while there are benefits to this shake, there are also a ton of downfalls. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone, mostly due to the fact that it would be so irritating to the GI tract.

I was also curious about the type of food Shakeology promotes. I would’ve been impressed with an emphasis on real, unprocessed, organic food. You know – the food that actually helps people attain healthy weight loss and keep it off. But then they wouldn’t have repeat customers, would they?


Really? This so called health company is promoting Fiber One pancake mix? Let’s take a look at the ingredients.

Recipe here.


Bleached wheat flour, genetically modified canola oil, genetically modified and defatted soy flour, genetically modified corn, additives and preservatives? If that doesn’t tell you everything you need to know about this company, then I don’t know what will.

Oh, but it gets better.



Recipe here.

Wheat, even more genetically modified soy and dairy, and Jello-O mix? Jell-O also contains preservatives, but in addition they throw in food coloring, aspartame and artificial flavor. YUM!

They also promote the consumption of gluten, despite the fact that it’s highly inflammatory, a gut irritant, will spike your blood sugar and hinder any weight loss effort. Recipe here.


Really, more tofu? I think the people who recommend this trash need to read my article on soy (found HERE). Soy causes aggression, decreases fertility, increases the rate of cancer, disrupts hormonal balance and increases the need for B12.

And skim milk? What is this, the 80s? Haven’t we already established that skim milk is a highly processed byproduct of the food industry? Not only is skim milk loaded with GMOs and antibiotics, it has no nutritional value.

If you want a truly healthy meal replacement, use this grass-fed and undenatured whey protein. And here’s my video on the ultimate protein shake:

Now, I’m not denying that there are good ingredients in these shakes. But is it worth it to take good ingredients with bad ingredients? No. You’re still consuming unhealthy products. I know that all of us could use a boost nutritionally. Our food isn’t as nutrient dense as it once was, our bodies are bombarded with toxins everyday. Which is why I recommend a nutrient dense diet along with targeted supplements. Not everyone has the same health issues, goals or needs. We all vary.



338 responses on “An Unbiased Review of Shakeology

  1. Msweet

    Thanks for this review on shakeology. I was just looking into purchasing it because I like their workout programs. Glad I read this along with the ingredient list. Why is gluten bad? I make fresh bread everyday and have lost 15 lbs doing so in just two months. I include tons of fresh veggies and fruit in my diet. Also have you heard of emer and Iroquois wheat? Are those also forms of gluten you would suggest not ingesting? Thanks a bunch.

    1. Leanne

      Use the vegan formula. The company that represents Shakeology is called Beachbody. Unfortunately, this author chose not to research and made some very large assumptions.

          1. bri

            Love your last response Dani. I know of a fellow Coastie Wife that has been trying her hardest to recruit anybody interested in health and fitness to sell and use this item, and she’s lassoed a few… If you can use Google, then you wouldn’t use Shakeology. Research is the easiest thing nowadays, and when concerning our one and only body, it should not be skimped on!

    2. Dr Red

      I also want to point out, since I have read through the rest of the comments on this post: There are two different shakes being argued about below. One is the Beachbody meal replacement shake, and the other is Shakeology. People have gotten extremely confused on the two of these. This article is titled An Unbiased Review of SHAKEOLOGY. Shakeology is a different product from Beachbody meal replacement shakes. Shakeology contains no soy, artificial sweeteners, or artificial ingredients. Beachbody shakes DO contain soy protein and whatelse I’m not sure because I haven’t read that much into them. But just so future readers don’t have to be as confused as everyone else: Dani is right when she says Beachbody shakes have these ingredients. Shakeology, however, which is what the article was supposed to be about, does not. 🙂

  2. roxanne

    so the one thing i WILL say with certainty is that beachbody DOES promote whole, real, organic foods from the earth. If you use any of their meal plans or do any of their fitness programs, the nutrition plans are centered on whole foods and avoiding processed foods ENTIRELY.

    those recipes you posted…ive never even seen them! im with you on that…it’s pretty nasty to have those things posted up on their site! I would never share them with my clients.

    i appreciate what you do and am happy to have stumbled upon your site!

    1. dani stout Post author

      Beachbody promotes Shakeology and Beachbody shakes contain soy, artificial sweeteners and synthetic vitamins. Unfortunately they do not promote whole, real or organic foods from the earth. 🙁

      1. kitkat90

        Shakeology DOES NOT contain artificial sweeteners, soy or artificial ingredients. You should get your facts straight before posting.

        1. dani stout Post author

          I never said their products contain artificial sweetener, soy or artificial ingredients. I said they contain inorganic and denatured whey – which they do.

          I also said they PROMOTE these ingredients. Which is why I posted links and pictures to recipes promoting soy, artificial sweeteners and ingredients. I think I’ve made that abundantly clear.

          1. Louie222

            Except that you DID say they contain soy and artificial sweeteners two posts above on August 27 2014 @ 12:21 pm! So now you are rescinding that statement?

          2. Kate

            Again, actually, you did.

            “dani stout says:
            August 27, 2014 at 12:31 pm

            Beachbody promotes Shakeology and Beachbody shakes contain soy, artificial sweeteners and synthetic vitamins. Unfortunately they do not promote whole, real or organic foods from the earth. :(”

            That comment made by you, is what these replies are directly referring to, and it is right there in black and white. You *did* say that.

          3. dani stout Post author

            Are you guys unable to understand basic English? Let’s try this again.

            “Beachbody promotes Shakeology.” This is true.

            “Beachbody shakes contain soy, artificial sweeteners and synthetic vitamins.” This is true.

            Get it?

          4. Chanel

            Are beach body shakes and shakeology two different things? I think this is the confusion…you keep saying “beachbody shakes contain soy and artificial sweetners” then someone says “shakeology does not” and then you say you never said that…so I’m guessing they are two different shakes? Whatever the case, love your articles, very imformative. Can’t wait to see what you say about ItWorks.

          5. dani stout Post author

            Yep, two different shakes.That’s why they have different names (I don’t mean this sarcastically). Didn’t realize people didn’t know that.

          6. Cindy

            You post says…..dani stout says:
            August 27, 2014 at 12:31 pm
            Beachbody promotes Shakeology and Beachbody shakes contain soy, artificial sweeteners and synthetic vitamins. Unfortunately they do not promote whole, real or organic foods from the earth.

            Nice try Dani, but you did say artificial sweeteners. It amazes me when people say something then deny they did. The above is copied directed from the comments. Don’t believe me go back to the date and time shown in the copy.

          7. dani stout Post author

            “Beachbody promotes Shakeology” – This is true.

            “and Beachbody shakes contain soy, artificial sweeteners and synthetic vitamins. Unfortunately they do not promote whole, real or organic foods from the earth.”
            – This is true too.

            Where exactly did I say that Shakeology contains artificial sweeteners? Literally nowhere in that sentence that people seem to be able to comprehend did I say that.

          8. Sherry

            These people who keep repeating themselves are nuts! I understood what you were saying from the get-go! #somelackcommonsense

      2. Francis

        Sirry Dani but Shakeology does not contain any artificial sweeteners, it does contain Stevia which as you know is a plant based natural sweetener. Also In all the programs I use from Beach body, none promote fiber one pancakes. All the programs soecifically recommend whole foods that are unprocessed. Shakeology is gluten free and organic. I have done extensive research on this product before I even began using it. Thank you for your blog and for what you do.

          1. dani stout Post author

            I never said there is soy in Shakeology.

            I said they promote eating soy. Which they do.

        1. dani stout Post author

          Clearly you haven’t done extensive research as their products are not organic. The whey is commercial whey, aka fed GMOs and from a CAFO.

          1. Deanna Dubbin

            Oh my goodness you pour girl. How frustrating reading through these posts. Wow! I was considering purchasing this product because a friend of mine is selling it. I have pretty severe depression and he claims this product will help. You are very patient with many of these people posting here. I give you huge credit for that. I have not done my homework on any of this so I’m turning to you for the best advice you can offer based on your research. I need to get fit and I need help with depression. Are there any healthy substitutes to shakeology? I am going to trust your judgement simply based on your approach taken with many of these posters. Thanks.

          2. dani stout Post author

            Thank you! I don’t recommend a protein shake for depression, I recommend a healthy diet and essential oils. Changing my diet and using essential oils has really helped improve my anxiety.

          3. Ana

            Please tell us all the research you’ve done on big, bad, scary GMOs! I love when people don’t understand GMOs and spout off nonsense. Maybe you should educate yourself a bit more about what GMOs do and WHY they are so important. People who don’t understand science shouldn’t be allowed to perpetuate false information to the public.

          4. dani Post author

            Actually I’ve done a significant amount of research on GMOs and have studied them extensively. Perhaps you’re the one who should educate yourself on GMOs because you clearly do not understand the dangers of them. Anyone who is up-to-date on current GMO research knows that the WHO has labeled glyphosate as carcinogenic and independent studies have concluded that they are cancerous. You can search my site for various information I’ve written on the topic.


          1. K.Lee

            I’m SO glad to see people DEFENDING BB and shakeology, it is made of as organic WHOLE foods that are ONLY bought from fair trade farmers, so they’re actually SUPPORT ING small farmers and local economies. Also, there is NO gluten in it either….it is made in a plant where other products containing gluten are made, therefore it could be classified gluten free but they choose not to since it’s made in a plant where there could be traces of gluten. They are very transparent and just because you can find recipes inline, it does not mean that it was an official BB recipe. BB promotes clean eating and have made many cookbooks about eating whole foods/clean. I find it ironic and a farce that you call this UNBIASED. Have your do terrace shakes that you promote help ppl with vit deficiencies? Come off of meds? Decrease effects of MS, autoimmune doseases, etc, etc???? I would never believe anything you say bc you BELIEVE you’re being unbiased and you contradict yourself

          2. dani stout Post author

            You clearly have no idea what you’re promoting or consuming – it took very little research to find out that neither products are made from organic or whole food ingredients. Maybe do a little research before commenting.

        2. Diana

          OH MY GOSH PEOPLE… CAN’T YOU READ. SHE/HE SAID.. BEACHBODY PROMOTES SHAKEOLOGY and BEACHBODY shakes contain soy, artificial sweeteners and synthetic vitamins. … THAT IS WHAT YOU SAID, RIGHT DANI?
          I don’t know anything about either of these products, but this conversation and the lack of understanding what he was saying drove me to post.

          1. Leslie

            Very few people have ever heard of Beachbody meal replacement shakes. People can read English, Dani. The problem lies in the fact that Shakeology is pretty much the only shake that people know related to Beachbody. I guarantee that 100% of the naysayers thought that Shakeology and shakes were the same thing. 🙂

      3. Sondra

        Just coming across this article now. I’ve worked with a Beachbody coach for awhile now and all she has talked about with me is how the shakeology and workouts will only give me the results I want if I’m fueling my body with the proper nutrition. The TBB coaches I know are all about promoting clean eating, organic, etc. So I’m not sure if you have old information or if there are just different coaching styles? Also, where did you get the recipes you posted that contain products like Jello and Fiber One mix? I haven’t seen anything like that on beachbody’s website. Is that old as well? I don’t know if they’ve recently changed their outlook on nutrition, or if those recipes are from other websites using beachbody products?
        Also, you do seem to shoot yourself in the foot a lot in the comments on these posts (I read the isagenix one as well) because you lump the main product you review in with the company’s other products that do contain certain ingredients, and then claim you never said the main product does have those ingredients. By including it in the group that contains those ingredients, you are implying that it has them also. Maybe that’s where some of the confusion is coming from with some of the commenters.

        1. dani stout Post author

          No, it’s not old. It’s directly on the website and I provided links at the bottom of the article.

          No, I don’t do that. I’m very clear about what the products do and do not contain and what the company promotes. Not sure how this is difficult to understand considering I clearly provide the ingredient lists.

          1. Sondra

            Oh dear. I also just read through your about page and disclaimers. Upon seeing those, this post being titled as “Unbiased” is as truthful as an Isagenix or even Shakeology distributor claiming to give an unbiased review of shakeology. You can’t say you have no bias for or against any kind of meal replacement or protein powder, and then turn around and say that you DO get compensation for promoting certain brands of such products. That’s just dishonest, sweetie. You really should take the “Unbiased” out of these titles, and open them with the disclaimer that you are compensated for promoting certain products, because that definitely influences whether you demote certain others. I have suffered from systemic candidiasis for over a decade and began Shakeology is the ONLY meal replacement shake that I can use. Being a busy new mom, I need something quick like that lol. Your review is dishonest from the start by claiming you have no bias (due to the aforementioned reasons), and then misleading by implying it contains certain ingredients with your graphic that it doesn’t simply because the company that makes it sells other products that do contain it. I truly hope everyone does their own research on these products, as I did before using it myself.

          2. dani stout Post author

            Maybe I should re-do the language on my disclaimer. I’m not paid to promote anything. I am paid for Amazon affiliate links – products I use myself and therefore promote. If someone clicks on my link to those products and purchases, I receive a commission.

            If you suffer from systemic candida then you really shouldn’t be consuming majority of the ingredients in Shakeology. GMO dairy, fruit and quinoa all feed candida. Not mitigate it.

      4. Health

        I don’t think YOU understand basic English.

        “Are you guys unable to understand basic English? Let’s try this again.

        “Beachbody promotes Shakeology.” This is true.

        “Beachbody shakes contain soy, artificial sweeteners and synthetic vitamins.” This is true.

        Get it?”

        Do your homework. You’re incorrect.

        Shakeology is not a company. Beachbody is a company. Shakeology is their shake. You keep contradicting yourself.

        1. dani stout Post author

          What does that change? What does it matter if Shakeology is not a company? Where did I say that Shakeology is a company? I am not disputing that.

          Beachbody STILL promotes Shakeology.

          Beachbody shakes STILL contain soy.

          So what I am contradicting exactly? I kind of feel like it’s the millionth time I’ve said the same exact thing.

          1. Amber

            In order to write an unbiased review, you yourself would actually have to be unbiased which clearly you are not. You seem to think that look up “facts” makes it an unbiased review when you are looking at facts given by people who like yourself promote other products. Beachbody promotes living a healthy well balanced life style. Shakeology is one of their products, of course its promoted! It is not for everyone. It is however healthy and it is a meal replacement shake. they do not AT ALL promote drinking these instead of eating, they encourage you to get all the nutrients you need in different meals. When I saw your “shakeology recipes” you should have saw that A. these are recipes people make up & B. You add things to your shake not always ingredients that are as healthy for you as the shakeology itself.

            So again this is a HORRIBLE “unbiased” review

          2. dani stout Post author

            Great, then want to explain how denatured whey from GMO dairy is healthy? Or want address how, why and what in my homemade protein shake is unhealthy?

            Like most people who leave comments, I’ll likely never get a response from you. But if you do read this, at least recognize that the recipe is directly from the Shakeology website and not user submitted. I thought this would be pretty easily understandable considering I directly provided a link to the Shakeology website promoting the recipe. Apparently not.

          3. Katie

            I’ve just come across this page after a beachbody coach in America (I’m in Australia) PM’d me re. Shakeology and I was curious to see if it was as bad as Isagenix. Thank you very much for your review. If I were you, I’d be banging my head against a wall in frustration at these comments! Can any of you people actually read?! She keeps repeating herself and you STILL don’t get it… unfortunately I noticed the same sort of responses with the Isawarriors that were so gungho about Isagenix…

          4. Kim

            The Beachbody shakes only contain soy if you CHOOSE to use soy milk or any other form of soy in their recipes. I am a breast cancer survivor and the first thing I can NOT have is soy. Maybe you should be a little less defensive of people’s criticism and do a little more research.

          5. dani stout Post author

            I’m aware of that, and it’s why I’ve never said Shakeology contains soy.

          6. sally

            The ENTIRE Controversy in the comments and replies is that your article is all about shakeology, then you contain a blurb about Beachbody Shakes with a link showing the nutritional label. It is not clear to the reader that Shakeology and the “Beachbody Shakes” are 2 totally different products. So when you say “Beachbody Shakes contain soy” it looks as though you are talking about shakeology since that is what your entire article is based on. You lead the reader to assume, since you do not make the distinction that you are talking of a different product, that they are one in the same because shakeology is also a shake.

            That being said, if you know the company at all you will know that they do not widely promote the Beachbody Meal Replacement Shake, it is on their site as people want an option of something more cost efficient than shakeology. They are actually phasing out those older original products. That particular Meal Replacement shake is listed as the very last product on the page for a reason.

          7. dani stout Post author

            Since most of these comments are from people who use/sell these products, shouldn’t they know that Shakeology and BeachBody are two separate products?

          8. MH

            First of all, I really appreciate the information you have provided. I’m super green-eco-friendly-love-nature-etc), and with that said, I’m currently researching protein shakes cuz I ain’t putting none o’ any crap in maaa body (know what I’m sayin?).
            My question is….

            If Beachbody promotes Shakeology (yes), and Beachbody shakes contain soy (yes), and Shakeology is in fact the shake made by Beachbody (yes), then does it stand true that:

            Beachbody shake = soy
            Beachbody’s brand shake = Shakeology
            Beachbody shake = Shakeology = soy??

            You’re above points make sense except for this one link that, if in fact Beachbody’s only shakes are Shakeology, then in fact Shakeology must be the Beachbody shakes that have soy. >.<

          9. dani stout Post author

            Haha, no. I’m not saying Shakeology is bad because BeachBody contains soy. They’re separate and not very good for different reasons. Maybe people don’t realize they’re two different products?

          10. MH

            You know what? Scratch everything I just said. So basically, Shakeology is ONE of the brands of Beachbody shakes? Yeah? Ok got it got it….BLA. Please excuse the additional hitting my previous post may have influenced.

          11. Laurel

            I’ve never tried a single protein shake, and yet I understood every last word of the review. It’s really not difficult to understand. I’m sorry you’re having to deal with these comments but it has been pure entertainment for me to read! I wish I had your discipline to eat by the same standards, but I do pretty well and I appreciate people like you who do the research to bring information into the light so I can make educated decisions about how to feed my family. Thank you!

          12. dani Post author

            You are very welcome! The most important part is just doing the best you can. It doesn’t happen overnight. It’s taken me years to get to this point! Progress, not perfection.

    2. craig

      The recipes many times are not produced by the company. They come from the customers and people that drink shakeology. Are the ingredients you posted bad from the recipe ingredients bad? They can be when ingested in large quantities. There are many things in our foods that are bad. The FDA allows ingredients in all our food that are harmful in large amounts but not harmful in the food we have.

  3. Beth

    I had my mom/doctor review Shakeology and she said it was awesome. Doesn’t use soy protein, sucralose, or any other harmful ingredients. She has a medical degree, and an additional master’s degree in nutrition. I trust her over this review, I feel like this review was stretching to make it seem bad when it’s not.

      1. craig

        Where did you get your information on whey in Shakeology and how they are raised.
        Also the rest of your information how any ingredients are how processed

      2. craig

        How can you claim unbiased review when your clearly against the use of gmo products? Apparently the billions of people who consume gmo products are not so healthy.

      3. Maria

        “Time to get a new doctor”? Dani, did you not just read that the doctor to whom Beth is referring is her mother? Are you suggesting she get a new mother? Nice work there Dani, spot on. As usual.

        1. dani stout Post author

          Yes. Obviously that’s what I’m suggesting by saying she get a new doctor. She can’t possibly get a new doctor and have the same mother.

          1. JB

            Ok Dani I have gotten down this far and your responses have me in stitches. I think I’m officially in love lol! Intelligent, caring and fantastic wit!! Keep up the great blog.

          2. Jen

            I pi can

            I can’t read any more.. The stupidly is hurting my brain. But Dani good luck. You have more patience then I trying to convince these idiots. This last comment was the icing on the cake and I can now go to sleep.

      4. Liberty

        I really don’t understand why because someone else has a different opinion or different research or what have you that it gives you the right to be a complete bitch. I mean, REALLY DANI??

        1. dani Post author

          I don’t think I’m a bitch, I just don’t pull any punches. Also it’s not a matter of opinion. I’m not stating my opinion. I’m stating facts.

          I also think it’s not very nice to call me a bitch.

  4. Susan Lucas

    Okay, so first and foremost, Beachbody is the name of the company, NOT Shakeology. Shakeology is a product that Beachbody sells. Secondly, there are NO artificial flavors in Shakeology. Also, Shakeology has been clinically tested for numerous things such as weightloss, cholesterol levels, and blood sugars, based on using it as a meal replacement, and without a change in physical activity. You can look it up on YouTube or the website. Also, Shakeology is made with gluten free products. And those recipes that you used are not derived from Shakeology creators or Beachbody. They are created and posted by Shakeology customers, to give ideas of recipes to make. The recipe suggestions that Beachbody offers do not promote any name brand products. And for anyone ignorant enough to believe this “unbiased” article, did you read the disclaimer notice that he is paid to write certain things? Just saying! I am a Shakeology drinker. I love it. My kids drink it, my grandma drinks it…. it IS safe. And if you need further advice, message Sagi Kalev, trainer of the Body Beast program, who also happens to be a Clinical Nutritionist, with a Ph. D. and a professional Body Builder. For anyone on the fence about trying Shakeology, you should message me! This article is bogus.

    1. dani stout Post author

      I would never, ever feed this to my children. Shakeology uses commercial whey, aka whey from animals that are fed GMOs. So you realize your pumping your kids full of this junk, right?

      Also, no one pays me to write anything. Who would even pay me to write this? That doesn’t make any sense.

      I mean – you don’t even know what you’re eating. The whey ISN’T organic. They whey IS denatured. I’m not the only who needs to email anyone at Shakeology – you are. You don’t even know what the garbage is in the product you’re pushing.

      Also – the recipes are DIRECTLY form the Shakeology website, not Shakeology customers. I provided a direct link to this.

      Are you in completely denial about the facts I’ve provided or just blatantly ignoring them so you can continue to make money off of a garbage product? It’s completely unacceptable (and incredibly lame) to try to promote on MY website. I’m only approving this article to demonstrate to others that it will not be tolerated (and to refute your completely uninformed points).

      1. brenda

        everyone needs to go do their research. Even if you are an active shakeology drinker you need to be aware of the facts, and that even if someone has a Ph.D. doesn’t mean they are not willing to PROMOTE certain brands and products. Beachbody is amazing! But it is also true that Beachbody is not Shakeology. Beachbody sells Shakeology! I have been drinking shakeology for almost two years, but now in studying to be a dietitian (which is not the same as a nutritionist (look up difference)) I am not fond of taking it anymore. P.S! everyone who keeps saying that Shakeology doesn’t promote unhealthy products like jello or fiber one…IT DOES! I just check a couple seconds ago because I could not believe what this posting was saying…sadly it is on the Shakeology website :(…..once again I said shakeology promotes this…I did not say Beachbody does…ONLY Shakeology

        1. Mike E

          Agreed that everyone needs to do their own research from a multitude of sources and not simply picking and choosing the ones that are favorable.

        1. Lisa

          There is a huge difference between eating what we have been fed as youngsters and in later years, and eating what we now know (with proof) can lead to cancer and other sickness. I now rarely eat foods that are not GMO-project verified and organic, and I choose to feed my children the same. There are the odd times that this isn’t possible, but I think that a person should try as often as possible to search out the healthiest food available. I don’t think that Dani thinks she is perfect at all, but I truly cannot believe how threatened you must feel to make such pissy statements. You’re being totally immature and ridiculous.

  5. Eric

    What are your thoughts regarding Warrior Force / Warrior Food Extreme protein shakes, website is

    I purchased the Vanilla Plus flavor and I mix it with coconut or almond milk and also add a little bit of stevia in it to give it some sweetness. It’s very grainy and hard to drink a lot of it. I mix it in a shaker cup, but perhaps if I used a mixer and added some banana or something, then it would be easier to drink.

    I also ordered a trial size of the Chocolate Plus, but when I added it with coconut milk, the color turned to green which I thought was odd for a chocolate flavor and it also was not very tasty.

    I also ordered a trial size of their “Warrior Greens” product but haven’t tried it yet.

      1. Jennifer

        I drink Shakeology. I have for about 2 years now. I also have started getting hives….about 2 years ago. I lost 30 pounds from it though so I kept it up. I still get hives though…..your article got me thinking. I’ve tried to give it up for 3 weeks buts the hives didn’t go away. I’ve ruined myself lol!

        Why don’t you recommend a plant based protein?

        1. dani stout Post author

          The body can always heal!

          Because they’re very hard on the digestive tract, loaded with phytic acid and lectins. Not as nutrient dense as grass-fed whey protein.

  6. Ann

    You should likely get your facts straight. There is NO soy in Shakeology and NO GMOs AND nothing artificial. If you are looking at the recipes on the website, the ingredients that SOME people use to make their shakes may have those ingredients but SHAKEOLOGY itself does not. Further, you are very misleading with the word “unbiased” really?? You’re selling another shake so of course you’d support who you sell for, but with that said, know your facts because as a “blogger” you still have to present factual information before you’re reported for libel.

    1. dani stout Post author

      Hi Ann. Glad to hear from you again. Not glad to see that you are unable to understand basic concepts.

      I never said there is soy in Shakeology. I said they promote soy. Which they do.
      They use GMO dairy. This is a fact. The cows are fed GMOs. Maybe you should take that up with the company, like I did.
      The recipes are directly from Isagenix, not from people submitting recipes.

      Clearly, I’m not the one here who doesn’t know my facts. And we’re going to have an issue if you keep accusing me of libel.

    1. dani stout Post author

      Yeah…it’s only libel if I’m lying. Were you unable to understand I got this information directly from the company?

      If you have an issue with the ingredients they use, common sense would dictate taking it up with them. Not accusing me of libel.

      1. Meghan

        Dani, you rock! I’ve been reading these comments … really people?! There is a huge lack of comprehension and education on why we shouldn’t be putting harmful junk into our bodies. Keep it up, you’ve got more patience than I do!!!

  7. Nicole

    Hi Dani..I am SO glad I came across your website. I am a 35 year old mom of 3 and was seriously considering starting either isagenix or shakeology to lose weight and get healthy. After researching extensively both of those products (online reviews and ingredient lists) and what goes into the products – I am confident that I can make my OWN smoothies and meals using the non GMO and organic recipes you have provided (for free i might add!)..Thanks so much for the free recipes and all the amazon links..even for a water purifier! I feel like I can actually take small steps to change my life, and in turn my family’s health and what we put in our bodies! After using your recipes and links for a week or so I will consider investing in your book – I have a feeling it will be a wealth of information (on top of all the free info you have all ready provided!) that can help me on this journey. I applaud you for not being a “sell out” and stating the simple facts. Keep up your good works. Nicole

  8. Janet

    On Dr. Oz they had an independent lab test some protein powders including the green Shakeology. They tested with a huge amounts of LEAD!! Basically you are poisoning yourself! I have tried to find it, but I can’t! But I was shocked! Maybe you can find it?

      1. sue

        I have a lot of friends who sell this and say it’s so awesome. For one it’s expensive and two this girls comment about the lead. I did hear about this from a personal friend that her (chicago) company was hired to keep this study out of the press. From what she told me, of all the supplemental shakes on the market she said shakeology was the worst. Now what does this mean and how bad is it, that I don’t know? The thing that kills me is, if you are trying to sell your shakeology to a consumer, don’t you think you should be educated on this product other than saying it so great. My friends and I love them, but WTF how can you sell something you nothing about? They make a ton of money on these shakes. Also Dani i was not aware based on all the comments back n forth about beachbody and shakeology was two different things. Someone I know posted your article on facebook, so to get a little education I had to check ot out. thxs

    1. Jane Doe

      Yeah. Let’s trust Dr Oz’s judgement and “third party lab testing” considering he himself was exposed for being biased for the products he recommended and admitted to LYING to millions of viewers who were DESPERATE to lose weight and tried EVERYTHING he recommend with NO results all while being compensated by the companies he recommended.

      But by all means lets listen to “Dr. Oz”.

      That is all. I just needed to clear the air.

  9. Victoria Weslek

    Dear Dani,

    I really appreciate your review. I align myself with a lot of the principles and philosophies you believe in. That is why I am a little embarrassed to say that I have been drinking regular Shakeology for the past 4 months. I also have been telling everyone I know about the product and the fitness program I am doing because I have seen amazing results. But now, of course, I am very wary of continuing to promote the regular Shakeology.

    I wanted to share something with you, though. The program I am following is the 21 Day Fix. It is daily exercise and a meal plan based on clean eating. The meal plan in the fix would NEVER promote eating the kinds of recipes you posted in the above post. So while it is unfortunate that Beachbody (the parent company for both Shakeology, The Fix, and various other programs) would post such garbage, please know that they do have a program that encourages eating whole, nutritious, and clean food.

    I have a question: your biggest problem with the vegan Shakeology is the overload of phytic acid, right? I found an article that talks about the potential health benefits of phytic acid and that plant-based protein powders often use a process that will remove the phytic acid. here is a link to the article:

    Like I said, I really appreciate your review and I will be considering this further. I also emailed the company to see if they would consider replacing the whey they are currently using with a grass-fed whey. In the meantime, I am going to start drinking the vegan variety. I would love to know your take on the phytic acid issue, Do you think it is possible that the mineral absorption factor is minimal and that even if there is enough to inhibit said absorption, that one can replace those minerals by eating a whole diet otherwise?

    Thanks for taking the time to read this.

    Vicki Weslek

    1. dani stout Post author

      Hi Vicki,

      The phytic acid can be minimized but not removed. I also doubt that Shakeology is going through the traditional steps of fermenting/soaking to remove some of the phytic acid. Not to mention that the grains can still be extremely difficult on the digestive tract.

  10. JB

    I have been drinking Shakeology off and on for about a year. So disgusted in myself for falling for their trap. I cancelled my monthly order, and was looking at starting it up again. I was researching all protein powders and came across this review. Thank GOD!!! I was just about to start ordering again.

    I watched your video on making your homemade protein shake, but really would like to find a organic brand to purchase. What do you recommend???

    Thanks so much,

  11. Kella

    Would the protein shake, or something similar, to the one outlined in your video be suitable for a 3.5 year old, or is there something else that you would recommend for that age?

    1. brittany

      Which is again another reason why Shakeology IS a great product. There is nothing harmful in this product and it is suitable for children. 🙂

        1. Dan

          Wow….amazing simple points don’t resonate with people who like to consider themselves intelligent. You have the patience of a saintess.

          1. Yiaya

            Why she entertains these shenanigans is beyond me. The question has been asked and answered several times in plain second grade english. Geez.

  12. KPB

    Thank you for your review. Your logic makes perfect sense. My question is regarding another meal replacement shake option. I tried the Reserveage Organics – Whey Protein Grass-Fed Vanilla & Chocolate and was not a fan of the taste. I stumbled upon Amazing Grass Amazing Meal. What are your thoughts on this product?

    Thank you!

  13. annette

    Ck out the Organifi Green Juice for me. It looks straight forward and is the better option to Shakeology for those in a hurr like my self. I use it in the morning since I dont have time for breakfast.
    Thank you

    1. dani stout Post author

      I’m happy to check ingredients for you, but please do not demand it of me. And please provide a link.

  14. Maribel

    What do you think about vega protein smoothie. I have a very sensitive stomach and I’m lactose Intolerant. I’m looking for something safe to replace a meal with

      1. Lisa

        I know I’m a little late to the party, but was interested in this as well. The product I believe they are referring to is Vega One and is plant-based protein. I know I read above that you don’t really care for the plant-based proteins, but like the person who posted above I don’t handle dairy very well. They have the ready made shakes, but all I have tried is the powdered mix. Here is a link to the product:

        I also wanted to take a quick moment to say that I appreciate your opinion. I was recently almost roped in by someone who is an “Isagenix Associate”, until I saw the cost for my first shipment would be over $400.. and you have to sign up for automatic deliveries. Whether or not the product is good (I’m not sure because I have not done any of the research), something doesn’t sit well with me when you are required to get automatic shipments. If you trust in your product, you shouldn’t require people to get it delivered automatic (unless they like it and choose to). Thank you!

  15. Shimon McLean

    THANK YOU so much for your informative review! You have done your research for sure! I wasn’t going to actually buy shakeology for the price alone($120 for a 30 supply) but was very curious as to why it was so expensive. And as I suspected it’s just a bunch of hype! What I’m surprised at (but not really) is how many people refuse to look at facts. But I guess that means that the advertisers at Beech Body have done their jobs. I’m not saying it’s a terrible product but it’s certainly not worth the sticker price. Anyway! Thanks again! I will be keeping up with your website!

  16. Debbie

    I’m 57 and sadly, as you age, the weight is harder to come off. I lost 30 pounds a couple years ago but during Jan/Fed, seems I gain 10 and then have to fight to get that off as well last the additional weight I want off. Is there a protein drink you can recommend for people like me? I am active, I run, and do work out programs, but what worked for me 2 years ago is failing miserably now. 🙁

    1. dani stout Post author

      The only thing I recommend to effective lose weight and keep it off is diet. Many women in the 40s, 50s and 60s have trouble losing weight due to imbalanced hormones, so that’s something you may need to address as well. But a protein shake won’t do the trick.

  17. CB

    Dani, I stumbled on this page while looking for nutrient / Health information about shakeology. Thanks for the info. Also, just my opinion, but man… you are quite argumentative! Blogs generate opinions and feedback from people… you don’t handle that well! Best of luck.

    1. dani stout Post author

      I don’t think there is anything wrong with taking part in a spirited debate. I think I handle it incredibly well considering I’ve moderated over 2,000 comments specifically about meal replacement shakes. Thanks for that backhanded compliment though.

      1. Sofia Miranda

        I love your website, and I hear passion in your response not biased….however, I would love to see a review on It Works-ProFit shake. Like you I truly believe in Whole Foods, and am not a fan of meal replacements nor protein powders as a way of life! However, to help loose weight or to get your going on a lifestyle change, or as a quick meal once in a while I am all for it. So with that being said, no its not perfect, nothing in a package can be, but in my humble opinion I feel ProFit by It Works is awesome and would love to see your opinion as well!

  18. LJT

    I have taken both “organic” and non-organic whey and I have never seen a difference. Come on, we will die from something… I’d rather know what is killing me. And you are biased, biased against capitalism and pushing “organic” down our throats like every other Communist hipster out there. And is this never makes it to the comment page then I will really know that this is all true. Have fun saving a world that one, is going to destroy it’s self and two, doesn’t want to be saved.

    (Mic Drop!)

    1. dani stout Post author

      You likely won’t notice a difference, that doesn’t mean that a difference isn’t taking place on a cellular level.

      Also, how do you know I’m biased against capitalism? I’m not actually. I plan on being a millionaire.

      I think it’s hilarious you called me a communist hipster.

      Go Michigan!

    2. Mark

      The benefit of organic food is that is does not contain glyphosate (round up) that is a broad spectrum antibiotic. When you consume non-organic corn, soy, wheat, papaya etc. that have been GMO modified (insecticide is in the seed) you are consuming round-up.. And as a broad spectrum antibiotic, it will remove the ability for any other antibiotic to be of any benefit to you over time, it will destroy your gut flora and leave you win an increased risk of Alzheimer’s, celiac and autism in your children.

  19. Joanne

    Hi! I came across this site when I was looking for reviews on Shakeology (aside from ones that were promoting it). I agree- it’s all hype; plain and simple!!! My brother-in-law gave me half of a bag and I actually thought it tasted disgusting. I recently tried Herbalife, which was delicious. Although, after reading more about it, it is not nearly as healthy as it claims. There is no easy way out. Just eat real food. Thanks for the information you have provided 🙂

  20. Tiffany Laguna

    I’m really glad I found this article. I was about to buy Shakeology but I first wanted to see more information on it. I had no idea it had GMO and Aspartame! Yuck! Thanks so much for sharing!

    1. Rebecca

      Tiffany, Shakeology does not have any GMOs or aspartame. It is sweetened with Stevia. The only possible source of GMO is if the cows from which the whey was derived were fed GMO products. There is no specific reference to whether the cows are grass fed or GMO free, hence the assumption that the protein source is from conventionally raised cows who are typically fed corn and or soy, most of which is GMO in today’s market.

  21. MummaK

    It may be to late to comment on this, as it’s a bit older, but in regards to your comment:

    “I find that in lieu of actually putting time and energy into one’s own health, some people would rather drink a protein shake they have convinced themselves is the end-all-be-all to nutrition and call it a day. Except it doesn’t work like that.”

    I think I completely see where you are coming from, however, as a mom of not one but two children with sensory processing disorder it seems often my options are not breakfast or a quick shake breakfast.

    My body actually reacts pretty significantly with both dairy and gluten, so I’ve been using a plant based product called Nutra Fusion (link below). After reading your article I’m rethinking this choice.

    I sometimes share my shake with the boys too, which frightens me now as a lot of their issues are aggravated when the gut is disturbed. They are actually gluten/dairy/soy free primarily for their gut issues…

    If you have a moment, would you mind sharing any advice… THANKS!

    1. dani stout Post author

      I don’t see an ingredient list, just and other ingredient list which is a partial list of what they use.

  22. Jeannie Gross

    Hey Dani,
    This was a great and super helpful article!

    I have a question that is somewhat releated:
    do you know of any protein meal replacement bars that you could reccommend?

    For breakfast on days that I have work (4 days a week) I like to have a Luna protein bar. I enjoy them (esp the chocolate peanut butter ones) because they’re tasty, quick, and I feel fed till 12-12:30 and yet they’re only about 190 calories. I am a long distance marathon runner and at a healthy weight for my height and frame so I’m not trying to lose or gain weight.

    However, I know it’s probably not an ideal healthy breakfast because of the sugar content and the first ingredient is soy protein isolate.

    So, just wondering if you could suggest any other bar out there that would be better? Thanks so much for your help!


      1. Jeannie Gross

        Anything a little less meaty and gamey and slightly more on the sweet side that would go nicely with a cup of coffee? 🙂

  23. MummaK

    Sorry one more question, 🙂 Could you possibly offer a hypothesis as to why people are loosing weight on Shakeology?

    1. dani stout Post author

      Switching from a highly processed diet and eliminating one-two meals a day will cause anyone to lose weight.

  24. Angela

    Couple of things. I want to commend you on your extreme patience and how impressive it is to see someone keep composure in this kind of situation. So many times when people are sending comments as above it is cowardly due to the fact they would never have to guts to speak face to face to someone so rudely. For you to keep your cool and just stay methodical about your answers is applaud worthy!
    Okay, I only found your blog because literally at the moment I had gotten in the mail two samples of the shake from a friend who lives in Dallas. She had wanted me to try them. I have such a sensitive stomach to over processed foods and to artificial sweetners I was very skeptical but thought I would try a few sips and see if my gut reacted. To my surprise it didn’t at first so I maybe drank 1/2 cup of the mixture. I had to then throw it out, the flavor is fine but the overbearing sweetness is just too much for me. Too much Stevia used. Anyhow, I grabbed an apple and headed out the door to take my daughter to her training. After I dropped her off, mind you this was about 20 minutes after consumption, I burped and regurgitated something unusual, our bodies normal response is to push it down our throats but this felt strange so I spit it out into a napkin at the stop light. It was as if the fiber, ground quinoa, flax and whatever they put in this shake had reconstituted in my stomach and formed a log of about 2 inches. Disgusting I know but I thought I’d share to see if this has happened to anyone else. My husband is always picking on me on how sensitive my body is but honestly what happens is it rejects anything bad. I have always made people shocked by expressing my thoughts on foods, I am a proponent of fat, real sugar if you are gonna eat sugar, and whole wheat/organic whole grain bread if you are gonna do breads. In turn I am 39, have always weighed my high school weight and feel great. Soooooo I support your whole food style of living as it has served me well. If you are gonna make a shake, don’t ingest something you would never ingest in the first place……

    1. dani stout Post author

      Yuck! Thanks for sharing your experience, if other people had that happen to them I’m not sure they would’ve shared without someone else bringing it up first!

  25. Consejera

    I used Shakeology for two years. The product is excellent. In fact, aid in weight loss, provides energy and its ingredients are healthy. Your description of the product seems to me that is unfounded. We suggest you write your personal opinion, but it is not based on exhaustive research. You get to concluciones based on the description given by the company of the procedures they perform. That is not research, and whether it can be considered defamation. If we consider all the people who have commented on your post defending Shakecology certainly the product is good.

    I do not know if you’ve used Shakecology, but from experience I can say that the product works and is healthy.

    I think you’re not objective when making your review, and obviously you promote the product V-Shake. Incidentally, the V-Shake is not organic, contains more monounsaturated fat that Shakecology. In addition, the V-Shake contains: soluble corn fiber and tara gum, which is found to be harmful ingredients to mention other product salud.Si: Trimshake also have harmful ingredients.

    I would trust more in a product that says on the label: Non-GMO fructose (which could be claimed if what he says is misleading), a product as V-Shake, which does not say.

    So you’re defending the indefensible.

    1. dani stout Post author

      I’ve literally never recommended or promoted V-Shake so…

      You’re still consuming denatured whey from GMO dairy. Care to comment on that?

  26. Rebecca

    Hi, Dani! It seems as though your only REAL valid point about Shakeology is the fact that the whey is derived from nonspecific sources (probably conventionally raised cattle).

    Most people already eat conventionally raise cattle anyways. I’m not trying to downplay the fact that organic, grass fed and finished beef and dairy are much healthier for consumption.

    I am only saying that compared to pretty much every other commercially produced shake, Shakeology is about as good as it gets.

    I personally am a HUGE ingredient nerd and have compared this with just about every other shake it have ever seen, and the ingredients are impeccably clean.

    This does not mean that I think BeachBody has all their stuff together. There are definitely other products they sell that should not be promoted as healthy, but that is a different case.

    I get the impression from this article that you are not truly unbiased. You seem to be extremely opinionated (which is not bad), and feel the need to disparage anything that may be compile tuition for the products you yourself promote.

    There is nothing wrong with expressing your opinion, but please do not call it unbiased when it in fact is very clearly NOT.

    1. dani stout Post author

      I disagree, Shakeology compared to Reserveage or SFH, both of which I recommend, is junk. That may be my main argument, but it’s also the main ingredient. Using denatured, GMO dairy is the basis of their shake (I’ve confirmed it’s GMO dairy with the company).

      You’re right, I am very opinionated.

  27. Rebecca

    By the way, I do want to let you know that I agree with your overall message completely. Whole unprocessed foods are the BEST source of nutrition ALWAYS!

  28. Joann

    I really appreciate your comments and for getting down to the nitty, gritty in the ingredients. I am studying to be a holistic nutrition coach and reach labels like crazy and the first thing that jumped out at me was the sugar and the fact the Whey is not organic. I would like to keep my diet GMO free since I know how harmful ingesting “frankenfood” as my fellow students like to call. Everything that you consume, you really need to read the labels and know what to avoid. When in doubt, I use Dr. Mercola’s website and look through and read his articles as I pick apart each individual ingredient when researching a product. Well, you saved me the time. I appreciate the information you shared and I concur 100%.

    1. dani stout Post author

      Wonderful! The world needs more holistic nutrition coaches!!

      Also if this sounds sarcastic it’s not, I’m completely serious.

  29. C.J.

    I would like to say good job, keep up the good work.
    I was looking for a loophole with this fad shake stuff and you helped close it. All these prepacked meals are packed with over processed stuff, hey they may be made with something that used to be a nutritious ingredient, like maybe before it was dried up, ground up and then irradiated (if brought in from another country). Which is why I only buy spices and vitamins from USA manufacturers, I don’t need my supplements to be irradiated, thank you.
    Supplements are just that, and nutritious food is just that, if you eat fresh food and supplements, not from a BPA lined shiny package, you will succeed in creating a healthy environment for your body and you will thrive on eating smaller more nutritious meals..not by skipping them and replacing them with over processed dried up powder and some water. It is not rocket science and there is no need to over-analyze it.

  30. Markus Baumann

    I don’t make an effort to purchase organic foods and given the news regarding the unreliability of organic labeling, it doesn’t seem like it’s worth the effort. I also drink skim milk and consume the occasional processed whey product. 🙂

    My understanding from your review is that unless I’m going to start sourcing everything I eat from local farms for which I’ve verified their organic GMO-free feed, I’m only going to benefit from the other excellent ingredients in this nutrient-dense product.

    Tony Horton really promotes Shakeology a lot in his P90X3 workout videos, so I thought I’d do a little check on reviews. If processed whey is the only negative, then thanks, it sounds perfect for me!

    1. dani stout Post author

      Well if you already acknowledge that you have a bad diet, and you don’t mind spending money on a subpar product that isn’t going to improve your health, performance or musculature – then yes, seems like the perfect product for you.

      1. Jessica J

        Your condescending tone is enough to make me never buy any of the crap you are paid to push. I actually enjoyed your article and found it informative, but reading your nasty, sarcastic remarks proves you are desperately trying to push products you get paid to sell, even if it means bullying people who disagree with you. Good luck with that, sweetie. Let me know how it works out for you. 😉

        1. LnowledgeIsPower

          I agree with you…. I don’t know anything about her other than she “blogs” so I do not know what credentials she has to even be reviewing products for their national standards but it is VERY clear that she is biased and gets indignant and condescending when challenged. She is also a representative for a competing company with every other product she claims to “Unbiased” review. Shakeology is not a promoted as a protein shake but rather a meal replacement. She also references her own blog posts as a place to confirm information a factual. That is not appropriate or a valid source. She is just another “pushy sales person for another health care product”. I am a scholar on my way to the bar exam, I do not simply believe something because a blogger posts it and neither should you. If she claims to have links to support her negatives and then uses the I called the company and they told me to support her positives… She is clearly NOT a valid source. Now be careful in your tart reaponses, especially to anyone clearly more educated than you. Yes words can be effective but just because you can be sarcastic to deflect responsibility for what you write in previous posts when proven to be incorrect does not mean you are correct. Many people can bring ou their ugly if they choose so your ignorance is not a showcase of intelligence… Just a show case of your ability to use words to try to belittle others and that my dear makes you look like an “Ugly, biased, insecure little girl”. Be more responsible and stop claiming to be an “Umbiased Reviewer” when you absolutely are NOT and placing a disclaimer does not take away your liability for your claim in your post. If you can’t promote your product without bashing others products then perhaps your product is the problem. Just because you post on the Internet does not make what you say true or based on recent scientific evidence. Anyone can find something to reference to support any point of view on the Internet. People… Please do your own research from valid references not BLOGGERS…

          1. dani stout Post author

            Well, common sense would dictate clicking my “About” page to look at my credentials. They’re right there. If you pass the Bar, you may want to brush up on your basic examination skills.

            I referenced a myriad of scientific and medical sources, I literally never reference myself as a source unless I’m linking to an expanded article on a particular ingredient, which contains even more scientific and medical sources.

            You say I look like an “ugly biased, insecure little girl” for trying to belittle others – when you literally said you’re more educated than me (yet – only one of us can use proper grammar) and called me a “blogger.” I’m a Certified Nutrition Consultant with years of experience and hundreds of clients. Hypocritical much? Not to mention that you’ve made your entire argument invalid. Best of luck becoming an attorney.

      2. Markus Baumann

        Pretty bold statement to suggest that everyone that hasn’t gone organic has a bad diet, or was it that I drink skim milk?

        I understand that you believe there is a better product option that will deliver better results. However, you noted that Shakeology has whey protein and absolutely has other good ingredients. You didn’t provide any information that suggested that this wouldn’t improve your performance and musculature. What study/evidence are you basing that claim on? This would be excellent information.


          1. Markus Baumann

            Sorry, read the article again and I don’t see any support for your claim that it “isn’t going to improve your health, performance or musculature”.

            For the vanilla shakes, the entire article only mentions one ingredient, the whey protein, and it only suggests that there are reduced benefits due to the process when compared to organic whey. It seems like a major leap to now claim that there will be no performance or musculature improvements from the consumption of this protein.

            While you’ve noted issue with the whey protein, you admitted that there were other good ingredients and while I surely don’t know as much as you about healthy eating, they certainly appear to me to be the “who’s who” of superfoods. How is it possible that none of these can lead to health improvements?

            As this is marketed as a meal replacement, wouldn’t the amount of improvement depend on what you were replacing? Perhaps it can’t improve much on your excellent diet, but remember I have that bad diet with skim milk, so wouldn’t it have to be an improvement? 😉

            Thanks Dani!
            BTW, the Vanilla shake supplement facts that you link to no longer match the screenshot in your article. They’ve made some slight changes.

      3. Cheryl Stuart-Vail

        What kind of ridiculous remark is that from “unbiased” reviewer such as yourself?

  31. Erik

    Your review degrades the product because of GMO use (among other things), what research are you using to suggest that GMO’s are harmful? I am in no way attacking or judging, just curious.

    The research on organic labeling and products is much to suspect to trust. Protein powders in general make wild claims that have little science or evidence based evidence. I struggle with many of the responses to the initial blog post as they seem elitist or condescending to anyone that does not think or act like them.

    As far as the blog poster being unbiased…I think not. Of course you are biased. You believe in a holistic diet, that itself is an obvious bias. Don’t run from it, own it.

  32. Adam

    I just wanted to let you know that the “new and improved” recipes for Shakeology don’t contain any soy. Not even the vanilla 😉 (I see that’s a huge argument on your comment thread.)

    Check out for the updated nutrition facts.

    I’m not a fan of whey regardless but definitely agree gmo isn’t the way to go.

    Also, my digestion (among so much) has improved immensely in the past 5 months of drinking vegan Shakeology. I used to suffer from IBS, Diverticulitis, and hemorrhoids. (I was a mess.) But no more pain or bleeding since drinking Shakeology! Not sure if it’s the way the grains are processed (doesn’t seem like that should have anything to do with it) or other ingredients interacting with it or what.

    I agree that organic is the way to go, but this is truly a life changing product. Hopefully they’ll have an organic option soon. But this is definitely a biased opinion based on the results I’ve (and a few people I know) seen.

    Thanks so much for the article. I love reading info that makes me think, question, learn, and ultimately solidify my life’s choices.

    Have a wonderful day!

  33. Melissa Stanley

    It’s very difficult to give an unbiased review of the program because so many people make so much money on this stuff. I enjoyed your article and appreciate you writing it. I’m not surprised it was attacked by their “coaches.”

    As an LDN with a PhD, I would never recommend something with all these calories and I certainly would never ask my clients to spend over $100 for a monthly supply of powder.

    I’m sure a lot of very smart people put this program together, but drinking fake food will not help you keep weight off long term. However, if you learn to make a smoothie with real food it’ll cost a fraction of the cost and you could apply the extra $80 per month towards a personal trainer or buying better foods.

    As long as people are making money they will do everything they can to convince you it’s healthy. In the 1920s doctors said cigarettes were healthy too.

    1. Melissa Stanley

      Before I get attacked for this, I meant with all these ingredients, not calories. I know it’s only 160 calories – and that certainly is the only reason it helps customers lose weight.

  34. Jason H

    Excellent conversation from all whom have taken the time to contribute. Unfortunately in our society we believe that we require more protein than we intake. Powders and products are simply are an expensive attempt to fill our bellies with processed non-foods. Back to basics folks…We need more vegetables, fruits,nuts and seeds which can be complimented by the occasional small portion of grass fed meat and/or non-farmed fish. If your pantry contains bags of product ( I won’t deem it food) than you have really missed the point. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins and are necessary for brain development and muscle growth. We are able to get all that we need from simple organic foods. Exercise and healthy eating habits always prevail.

  35. Britni

    I love this post! Thank you for explaining this product.. The comments were very entertaining! (Clearly most of the negative comments are from shakeology users) it must be healthy if a MD says so!

    Keep up the great work!!

  36. AshleyS

    Although I just received my Shakeology order TODAY, and I still plan on using it to replace one meal per day, I do appreciate your research. I might end up loving the product, because it is most likely healthier than what I have been consuming. However, I do not understand how people are still trying to argue with you about facts of the product in regards to the ingredients, whether they have had success with the product or not. Facts are facts. It is very clear that you are correct in your findings.

    So, get over it people.

  37. Sara L

    Hi, just to give you a change of pace I’m not here to rail against your bias (what is the big deal, everyone is biased…) or to proclaim the wonders of shakeology. I came across your article because I wanted to find one page that wasn’t a BB coach on a mission with little to no attempt to conceal it. I admit that for now I cannot afford to eat organic, grass fed ect. My main concern right now is cutting out as much processed foods as possible. But my question is, do you think it is necessary to add protein shakes to the menu or was your recipe provided for those who need a quick meal? Instead of replacing shakeology with other expensive powders I’d rather just eat whole food. But I want to be sure I’m getting enough vitamins and protein.

    1. dani stout Post author

      I actually recommend food post workout, my shake is for people who like my husband who literally cannot make himself eat post-workout so we do a protein shake because it’s better than nothing. But I love eggs, potatoes, chicken, etc. after a workout and I recommend that over a shake.

      1. Sara L

        Alright, thank you very much! I just started working out yesterday, trying to make some major life changes. I want to eat as whole food as possible while working with the budget we have. Luckily we just got an Aldi in our area making it easier to get produce very inexpensively.

  38. Boss Lady

    Shakeology does contain lead. They even include a disclaimer, all by itself, apart from all other papers they send included in the shipment, stating that there is lead in Shakeology.

  39. Vivien

    People get reaaaaally defensive and worked up about their Shakeology, don’t they? Unfortunately most of these people clearly haven’t done their research. Many people who do the beach body programs are coming from a history of poor eating and no nutritional knowledge. For those, I can see how easily something like Shakeology would look appealing and healthy, however, it’s just not. I do think beach body has some great workout videos and the groups can be fun for encouragement and accountability but they push Shakeology WAY too hard and it’s a bit annoying. When you have a basic knowledge of nutrition, it is pretty easy to see through the marketing tactics they use. I enjoyed this article and all the info you provided as well as your shake recipe and other suggestions in the blog! Sorry you have to deal with those nasty comments.

  40. Heather

    Thank you SO much for the Shakeology review! I was sitting on the fence, but my intuition kept kicking in. I am going to continue to make my own “shakes” and juices as I have been. I make mine with organic fruits and veggies and I use organic proteins in them too. I put a lot of work into them so I thought the pre-made shakes would cut down on time. Well….I am just glad to continue onward with my plan! It’s healthier and cheaper too….
    However I do enjoy the Beachbody workouts that they have out. It has helped me keep up to my weight loss plans. I can’t fault them for that.
    Also as I keep turning around there seems to be a new “shake” or protein/weight loss company. It’s so hard to keep up on all the information out there! I am glad that someone like you has done research and gives reviews about it. Again thanks! And keep up the good work!

  41. Anna B

    Hi Dani – thank you so much for your review of Shakeology. I really appreciated finding an ‘unbiased’ review. I completely understood that unbiased meant you are not selling it or any other meal replacement shake. Being educated about good health, i.e., eating whole foods, being particular about food sources, being informed on GMOs, etc. is just smart – though if it’s called bias, i’ll gladly accept and own that with you. Consumers need to do their homework b/c the companies selling foods will unfortunately not always be honest. I completely followed everything you said, including the parts that were continually argued in the comments. Even though I eat mostly organic and am particular about my food sources, I’ve been on the fence about ordering Shakeology (just for a month), but I think I will just order the basic 21 day fix program and make my own shakes.

    Thank you for providing your recommendation for other protein shakes. I agree whole foods are best but I do find it so convenient as a mom of 2 to be able to make a shake quickly. I was interested in what you would think of this one – it’s not labeled organic but it is from ‘grass fed year round’ cattle in southern Australia, and undenatured. Here is the link:

    I would love to hear your opinion if you’re interested.
    Again, Thank you!

    1. dani stout Post author

      No problem! Unfortunately I’m unable to find an ingredient list. If you have one, I’m happy to take a look.

      1. Anna B

        Sorry – hit send too soon. It’s the last photo on the left top of the page where the product photos are. If you hover over the last thumbnail, it will show you. I tried to find a place to upload photo but cannot find anything. thanks – i appreciate it!

        Ps. i called Reserveage b/c I was curious why they’re not labeled organic. Customer Service was very helpful and said it’s just b/c it’s a long, expensive process to be labeled certified organic. But their cows (in New Zealand) are grass fed for 9 months out of the year and grain fed* for the winter months (as you know, this is necessary when grass is not as available during June-August) but they *DO feed the cattle organic non GMO grains. I bought the vanilla and like it a lot. I might try the natural, unsweetened version next time b/c it’s definitely on the sweet side. Thanks again for your recommendation!

  42. Catherine

    Thanks for the review! I know someone who is using this, and I was skeptical. Glad I came across your site.

    And the entertainment value provided by the people with no common sense, or those that cannot comprehend simple English, was an added bonus!

    They must be caught up in the pyramid scam…

  43. jessica

    I would like to add that I think it is indeed, extremely over priced. That too me is a huge downfall.

  44. Kori

    I have been drinking Shakeology for 2 months now. It has helped my sweet cravings, but I’m starting to notice digestion issues. I was concerned about the lead disclaimer I received in my shipment, but did not know any of these facts before finding your blog. Thanks for the info. I’ll be stopping my shipments now. Kori

  45. Brianna

    Hi Dani,

    I came across your blog while I was in the process of researching Shakeology and other meal replacement shakes. I think that you have a lot of valid points and I am glad that I came across this before jumping in and purchasing a very expensive product.

    Throughout my research I have come across the Orgain Meal Replacement products. They appear to be soy, gluten, and GMO free as well as certified organic and vegan. What is your opinion on this brand??

    Thanks and I am looking forward to hearing what you have to say!

    1. dani stout Post author

      I don’t recommend plant based proteins because they contain naturally occurring enzyme inhibitors, phytic acid, are difficult to digest and lack full spectrum amino acids.

  46. Teo

    This is an insane level of commentary. Wow. By studying things you form opinions and make a choice. That is not necessarily a bias. She chose what she thinks is best. If you don’t like it move on.

  47. Eric

    I tried Shakeology last summer. I was very displeased. I felt bloated every time I used it. After reading your article, I now understand why.

    Last month I decided to reform my supplement philosophy. Once I did that, I realized how little I knew about the products I was consuming.

    My ignorance led me to research all the supplements I had used over the years. It was not pretty.

    The whole thing had me lost. Your words have given me some direction. I am grateful I stumbled upon your blog.

  48. Kara Goodrick

    Holy moly! I’ve never actually read an entire thread of comments that long! But my kids are asleep and I got carried away. I stumbled upon your review of Shakeology. A friend gave me a sample and I tried it today and it gave me stomach cramps — surprise, surprise. DigestZen to the rescue – ha! I thoroughly enjoy you and your comments and am a new fan. I’ve added you to my go-to list for blogger reviews and nutrition topics and can’t wait to read more. Love your sense of humor. Keep doing what you’re doing! And no, I will not be purchasing Shakeology!

  49. Adam

    I can without a fact, totally disregard this article because you are indirectly stating that GMOs are bad. People like you are the ones that are fear mongering, there are over 2000 peer reviewed studies saying that they are safe for human consumption.

    1. dani stout Post author

      And yet…you’ve linked to zero. Where are these 2000 peer reviewed studies? That aren’t biased or funded by corporations that sell GMOs?

      Let me help you out. – See more at:

  50. Anika

    Thank-you Dani. I appreciate the information you’ve provided here. You possess an abundance of patience which is inspirational. I am grateful to you for all the hard work and energy you put into this ‘free’ and ‘informative’ webpage. Thank-you for being true to ‘real and whole foods’ and for promoting a simplistic and healthful lifestyle. I am proud to know that I’m not the only one out there taking the time to properly educate themselves through the extensive reading and critical review of articles and scientific studies. Taking an active and tireless approach to learning about the things that matter in our daily nutrition and the longevity of our overall health is much more important than pointing the finger of blame. Keep doing what you’re doing!

    Looking forward to your continued wealth of information sharing. Best wishes and be well.

  51. Ally Borland

    I think you gave a great review of shakeology. It constantly drives me crazy how people say it is so great when it isn’t organic or non-GMO. I am wondering if you have ever reviewed Juice Plus complete. It is dairy free, vegan, gluten free, and non-gmo and pesticide free. Just curious what your thoughts were on it since it is half the price of shakeology.

  52. Gracie

    I took Shakeology before I was diagnosed with IBS. I had the runs nonstop. I gave my father-in-law an unopened bag because my stomach would not tolerate it, and it gave him the runs at 3 a.m. after his first try. Needless to say, I never bought it again. When my mother got diagnosed with ovarian cancer, I searched for a shake that would provide my mother with a ton of nutrients. I knew Shakeology had those nutrients, but I also knew they weren’t organic. I’m so glad I never gave this to my mom – the thought of putting all those pesticides/chemicals in my mom’s body makes me shudder!

  53. Lacy

    Dani- Thank you so much for this post! I’m glad I stumbled upon it. I’ve been tossing around the idea of Shakeology but I never really got bit by the bug and wanted to research first. I’m glad I stumbled upon your blog! One of the biggest things is the sugar content. I mean hello, 6 grams for something that’s suppose to be healthy and loose weight and that’s in 1 serving, drink this thing 3 times a day as a snack/meal replacement and you’re up to 18grams from it alone and that’s getting awfully close to what a normal daily diet should intake! Yikes! and the “superfoods” – some have limited research or lack any at all to support the benefit/claims. But I was still intrigued by it since somehow it is still helping people loose the weight! However, after reading your break down, the answer is simple now. No thanks! And yay to saving money!

  54. Brigette

    I had a terrible experience with Shakeology. I ordered it because so many of my friends & clients were using the product and swearing by it!

    I ordered the 24 pack with the Piyo Pack and almost immediately started in on drinking the Shakes as a replacement for either breakfast or lunch. It’s important to note that I was doing everything correctly in regards to my diet and exercise, which included limiting my calories to 800-1000 calories per day, logging everything I ate, sticking to weight watchers snacks and veggies/fruits and lean protein.

    After about a week I went to weigh myself in and found to my horror that I had GAINED 8 LBS!!!! I immediately stopped drinking the Shakes and dropped the weight almost instantly. I thought it might have been a fluke and took up drinking it for a couple of days during a busy work weekend to hopefully give myself more energy and again over the two days drinking Shakeology I was bloated and had gained 3 lbs. Again after cutting it out, I lost the weight and since NOT being on Shakeology have continued on to lose almost 30 lbs and still counting.

    I think it’s very important that Shakeology acknowledges that just like with anything else, their product will NOT work for everyone. It’s very mis-leading to tell customers that Shakeology will work for weight loss indefinitely and I was extremely concerned and disappointed with my results, especially with being so mindful and careful with my regime on a daily basis. I will never purchase Shakeology or any kind of meal replacement shake for that matter again. I have learned that I live in the real world and I need to learn to eat healthy no matter where I am or what I am doing. I do not want to be reliable on any sort of magic fix replacement and that is no way to live for the rest of my life.

    1. Brittney

      “I think it’s very important that Shakeology acknowledges that just like with anything else, their product will NOT work for everyone. ”

      They won’t acknowledge that though. I was a beachbody coach for awhile and shakeology was so pressed and while they make it out to be because of it’s health benefits it’s really because you get good money selling shakeology. I know numerous people who had GI issues after consuming shakeology to which upper level coaches would reply “it’s expected at first because it’s ridding your body of toxins” or some nonsense. I quit coaching because it became more about the pressure of making money than it was about being healthy. If someone was struggling to lose weight the automatic answer was “shakeo!”. People look to these shakes though because they think it’s a cure all when it’s not. Wanna lose weight? Drink shakeo! Got fibromyalgia? Drink shakeo? Thyroid issues? Why shakeo will fix that right up! *eye roll* I’d thought I’d heard it all yet I’ve never heard a coach say “well it’s not for everyone”. It’s whatever though, you do what you can to help someone…it’s up to them to make that choice though. People will do what they want regardless of facts.

      sidenote: I want to add that obviously I’ve not spoken to every coach and I know there are good coaches out there who really do care about their clients…but most of the “group” I was in was very serious about promoting shakeo like it was the cure for cancer or something. They tell you you can coach however you want to but if you make more money they make more money so the pressure was there…always.

  55. Tara

    What is the fermented cod liver oil you use? It looks powdered? You didn’t specify anywhere I could see which you use.

    Also, is there any other add ins that you could suggest like a green powder or anything that would make this a full on meal replacement, like breakfast? Or is just the protein and gelatin sufficient as breakfast? I would also use coconut milk instead I suppose, or almond milk, as I don’t really know of a good milk source.

  56. Ulla

    Oh. My. Goodness. I was looking online for an honest opinion from a nutritionist on these shakes because I am sick of being asked if I ever tried them. I am sick of seeing people posting pics with their shakeology bottle in one hand and a weightwatchers snack bar in their other and calling it a great day.
    Kudos to you for staying calm and explaining it over, and over again.
    I don’t like shakes now and I probably never will. I believe in adding good quality, food sourced supplements to your diet especially if you’re unable to get good organically grown food where you live, or in times of illness. But otherwise, I love simple, real food.
    I didn’t plan on commenting – really only stopped by to read this post (which I now bookmarked), but wow, people get so upset when you try to give an honest review.

  57. Anna

    Dani, I got through about half of the comments before commenting myself. I clearly see the breakdown here…

    This review is titled as being about Shakeology. However, you’re also, in the same review about Shakeology (specifically about this ONE Beachbody product), discussing ingredients in other Beachbody products.

    While it is totally fair for you to review the entire company and all of their products, I do feel it is unfair for you to list ingredients in other Beachbody products in your review of Shakeology. It is confusing for people who are looking for a review of the ingredients in the one product and it insinuates that those ingredients are contained in Shakeology, when they are not.

    I see that you have clarified the difference between Shakeology and Beachbody meal replacement shakes in the comments section, however, the damage is already done if people don’t go through all the comments to see that clarification.

    I’m not attacking your review; just saying that the title of this would have been more accurate as a “Review of Beachbody Products” rather than “Review of Shakeology.”

    As for those recipes, I am mortified that those are listed on Beachbody’s website for Shakeology. I’ve done several Beachbody fitness programs and those artificial, processed foods would never, ever be allowed on those nutrition programs. Shakeology is not meant to be used without simultaneous participation in a Beachbody fitness program (ie. physical exercise 6-7 days a week).

    I think the reason people are being so defensive is that Beachbody, as a company, promotes fitness programs and lifelong changes to your fitness and nutrition. I understand that your review is not attacking the company as a whole or attacking their workout programs, but other people seem to be taking it that way.

    1. dani stout Post author

      Not sure what you mean. The review itself is of Shakeology, not Beachbody. Someone in the comments then said Beachbody is better than Shakeology, which prompted the comment from me saying that Beachbody contains soy and other unfavorable ingredients. They are two separate reviews on my site.

  58. Brandi

    First, I don’t see how this is an unbiased opinion when you promote a product at the end. Second, where did you get the recipes? I’ve never seen those recipes on the beachbody site or anything they have sent. Did you get them off Pinterest where anyone can post anything?

    1. dani stout Post author

      I linked to them directly in the article and those links go directly to the Shakeology website. Not Pinterest. Not a random person. Not a submission. The recipes are directly from Shakeology.

  59. Brian

    Hi Dani,
    Thanks for your insight on Shakeolgy. I am in good shape for the most part but I was looking to maybe get better results from my workouts. I have never tried any type of shakes or GNC products – I guess I will just keep with eating raw veggies, fruits, and small portions of protein… What are your suggestions? I need to continue doing research.

    I just notice you have there are many replies to this blog – I hope you keep your head up Sis :0)-

      1. Dave Y

        If this is solely a review on Shakeology, why even bring up “Beachbody shakes?”

        I use “Beachbody shakes” as the way you originally used it – the entirely separate meal replacement shake that the company, Beachbody, makes – which we all know is completely different from Shakeology which is the product in question.

  60. shea

    these comments are hilarious, and not a good look for BB. perhaps drinking the shakes does something for your reading comprehension? makes you more susceptible to cult like tendencies? regardless it is funny. thanks for your review of this product. I hate that these reps flood the market with fake reviews and am always glad to see a real person behind an article even if they have to tolerate the crew coming for them in the comments. i think it is simple. eat. real. food.

  61. Terry

    Bless you for taking on the tiered sales force out to make their lives better by selling (shakes, jewelry, face cream, dips, chips, pans, and panties) to friends and family.

    I like and use BeachBody dvd sets. I purchased with zero knowledge of what Beachbody was as a larger corporate entity. I like my workout set. I’ll probably purchase a few more workout dvd sets from them. But I’d never, ever, buy my food from them. This is from doing my own research, only to be confirmed by what I just stumbled upon right now on your blog. I would never ever consume Shakeology OR feed to my child. As a mom who loves to cook, who loves whole foods, who loves feeling alive from live foods, I would never. Today I made and shared a homemade blend with my child, containing organic grass fed protein powder. It wasn’t (oooo, ahhhhhh) ‘exotic’. But it was organic, non GMO, filled with fruits and vegetables, and free from “fried oreos”.

    I’ll continue to use beach body dvd sets. I’ll continue to silently sigh at social media sales attempts to get me to join the joy of shakeology. (look at us enjoying our plastic shaker cups full of sellable sunshine). no thanks.

    *Shakeology salespersons hot off of a summit can save their schtick for someone else, I’m not up for debating or replying to corporate cheerleaders hoping to grow groups of cheerleaders for monetary gain*

  62. J.D

    Hello Dani,

    I was looking forward to your review on Organifi. Did I overlook your reply? I have done a little research myself but wanted to see if you had time to look it over and give us a unbiased review please.

    I appreciate all your hard work and valuable information. Thank You.

    Just a little suggestion. Maybe you should change the name of your page to, “An unbiased review…and I’ll even repeat myself over 100x about the same subject while saying it the same way I said it the very first time I said it even if you didn’t understand how I said it the first time, I’ll even repeat it again.” Hopefully they’ll understand.

    Here is the link…

    Thanks again.

    1. dani stout Post author

      “There are several ingredients in Shakeology that is organic.”

      Yeah, exact the main one that the shake is almost entirely comprised of – the whey. You can obtain an organic certification even if you source from the countries he listed.

  63. Ruth

    Hi Dani,

    I came upon your review while researching Shakeology I was intrigued by your shake recipe I liked the simplicity of it I however can not eat eggs do you have a recipe without eggs that you drink and love?


  64. MaryEllen

    Sweet Mother of God…a few things I’d like to vent about. The first being how stupid people are. I couldn’t even keep reading after a while because I was literally re-reading the same thing a million times…for clarification, insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly but expecting different results. Dani CLEARLY stated that Shakeology is a sister company of Beach Body. Which means, for anyone who can’t comprehend…they own it. It’s like when a football player beats his girlfriend in an elevator…the NFL is under fire because the football player is associated with the NFL, his name however is Ray Rice, not “NFL”. Hope that helps people…its called a reputation, and it matters. Secondly, she never once mentioned artificial sweeteners…ALL she focused on was the whey protein being used. THE NUMBER ONE INGREDIENT. If your number one ingredient is compromised does it really matter that there’s some organic chia seeds thrown in there? NO. Thank you for being CLEAR about Shakeology. I’m so sick of people raving about this wonder product that isn’t so stinking wonderful. Anything sold by pyramid schemes is NOT going to be “the best” thing out there…wake up people. Drag yourselves from the cult-like Shakeology Trance!

  65. Lauren

    So I realize I’m super late to this party but WOW! all I can really gather from this all is that it seems like there is a weird cult-like following around BB and Shakeology. And THAT is the exact reason I stay away from the stuff. Please stop the Shake-o selfies!!!

  66. Monica

    I have been discouraged my friends from trying any of this crap. Eat food. Food doesn’t have ingredients to list. Brocolli. Carrots. Apples. All food. Even chicken, once again food. I have a 6 year old that is allergic to chemicals and preservatives, we can and will only eat from the earth. She was my canary in the coal mine. If you want to lose weight and feel good. Move more, eat food.

  67. Cassie

    I have a huge issue with someone who says Shakeology is bad but still consumes meat. Please, do some research and see that meat and dairy consumption is probably way worse than someone drinking Shakeology. And yes, I drink the vegan formula, eat plant based and organic as much as I can and follow a high carb low fat vegan diet. I’ve toyed with quitting Shakeology for the last 2 years but it’s been such a positive change in my life it’s an asset to my health and well being.

  68. Audrey

    Recently had an issue with Shakeology and Beachbody that is concerning to me but the company (Beachbody) is ignoring me. One of their Diamond Beachbody Coaches approached me on Facebook with her pitch…. I hopped over to the Shakeology site to look at the ingredients because I have a number of allergies and voila! Stevia. They also contain Fructose which as diabetic, I avoid. I said as much, said no thank you, and she countered with “Shakeolgy has no sugar in it. I was pre diabetic and drinking that along with exercise it helped me not become a diabetic. The Vegan Chocolate has no stevia in it all.”. So I looked up the vegan ingredients and it is minus the Fructose but does indeed include Stevia. Your ingredient list is only the proprietary ingredients….. beneath that they list the “Other ingredients”, which include Stevia, Fructose, Xanthum gum, Natural Chocolate Flavor, etc. I called her a liar, which she ignored and continued to pitch Shakeology…. I then said WTF (but I spelled it out) part of ALLERGY do you not get! Told her that what she is doing is illegal and she blocked me. Beachbody simply tells me they will “escalate” the issue and will reply in 2 to 3 days. 3 times now… in 3 weeks. I don’t do shakes…. It’s like, my mother… she’s a vegetarian for healthy reasons but once a year she gets together with some other vegetarian friends and they have Salmon for dinner… She says “because it’s healthy”….. I really don’t think she is getting any health benefit from her once a year salmon binge… likewise I’m not convinced that minute amounts of green tea are going to do anyone any good…. Whatever happened to drinking a cup of green tea and tossing some goji berries or pomegranate seeds on your oatmeal? I’ll take real food, please and thank you. But if this is how they train their salespeople (oh sorry, Diamond Beachbody Coaches who are dedicated to improving people’s health and eradicating obesity).. yeah, their salespeople… then eventually they are in for a lawsuit. I haven’t even looked at all of their ingredients but am allergic to Strawberries, Agave, and Stevia (among a dozen or so others). I know I’m in a small minority but blatantly lying to a potential customer about allergens you have made aware of is downright dangerous….. It is not about health… it’s about making the sale, even if you kill someone.

    1. dani Post author

      Damn that’s pretty bad. These people are not professionals and know nothing about nutrition. They’re just not qualified to be slinging these products. I’m so thankful you had the good sense to dig into it.

  69. David Hinton

    I was looking for an unbiased opinion on Shakeology, but this article seems completely bias, not saying I support Shakeology. I am still clueless as to whether it would be beneficial or not for myself. I think you have some good points, but the fact is not many Americans eat clean and organic like you. America is lazy as shit, and were watching people visit Mcdonald’s or Wendy’s on a weekly or even daily basis. With that said, this still may be a good product for the average American who does not eat well or get the recommended amount of nutrients each day…. I am wondering if you do have a recommendation of a meal replacement shake that is reasonably priced.

  70. Michelle

    Wow……appears to me that some of ya’ll need a hug. 😉 😉 Life is too short ppl, get a grip! Learn to make decisions for yourselves, and stop beating each other to death with your own opinions. If you end up choosing the wrong route in the end, that’s on you. I think the solution is pretty simple: A) If you agree with Dani, then don’t use the product. B) If you don’t agree with her, then use it. I am SURE that NO F’s WILL BE GIVEN either way. In my opinion, all of you above who are freakin’ out have only succeeded in driving your stress levels into the ceiling, which will result in raising the amount of Cortisol in your body… good luck losing weight with that occurring…HA! 😛 BTW, for me, this was sooooooo entertaining… thank you for that. LOL

  71. Robbie Socks

    Thank you Dani for this very informative and educational blog post. My cousin sells Shakeology and talks about ad nauseam. I think it’s a corporate scam myself. There is something creepy about people pushing the s**t. Ponzi scheme comes to mind. Why not just make your own smoothies at home with organic whole food.
    I’m gonna try one or your protein shakes soon.

  72. Kristi

    I love this! Thank you for truly informing people with the correct information. Now what is your review of the ever loving Plexus that has consumed my entire town!

  73. Andrea

    Hi! Did you do any research on the Vegan Shakeology products? Wondering your opinion based on the research. The recipes, though called “Shakeology Pancakes” and what not are created and promoted by Beachbody, not the creator of Shakeology, Darin Olien. You should look him up- he had a great podcast interveiw on has a book, SuperLife and does a 10 day challenge for healthy eating. He is vegan and the program seems to be very well organized and setup – down to getting your kitchen ready, cleaning out pantry, etc. You might like it (for ideas at least!).

    Thanks for your info!

  74. My Hero

    Oh my god. This is the best comment feed EVER! I have so many friends pushing shakeology and beachbody. “My body was so malnourished, but then I started my shakeo.” It’s such a joke! Your body sucked because you ate crap. Shakeology is not food– It’s a FAD! Remember Slim-Fast, NutriSystem, and Carnation Instant Breakfast? Those were all pushed as being “so healthy and nutritious” then. Thank you for pointing out the discrepancies with their marketing. I just spent an hour reading this and I should have been in bed long ago.

  75. Carol

    Dani, you’re awesome. Just stumbled on this after an old work colleague recommended Shakeology and I googled around to learn more about it; I’d never heard of BB or Shakeology. I’ll echo what others have said; you have enormous patience and ability to remain steadfast, calm and classy. I’m bookmarking your site and will look forward to reading.

  76. Shannon

    If you have a gluten intolerance or Celiac disease, I highly recommend you not using Shakeology as it has been processed in a facility that processes wheat. This article was good. I am glad I do not use it. Thanks for sharing.

  77. Cindy

    I’m a little confused I read the article and many of the comments. I am doing my research.
    There seems to be some discrepancy, in your article, about the difference between BB Shakes and BB Shakeology. Please clarify. What is the difference between the two products? I’m researching Shakeology. What is Beachbody shakes? I can’t seem to find that product.
    Thank you for your help 🙂

  78. kay

    First off, Shakeology are the shakes. Beachbody is the company. There are NOT two different shakes as you kept repeating up towards the top (I stopped reading after you kept contradicting yourself a million times). If you have no clue what you are talking about, you really should NOT be posting a review. There is NO aspartame in the shakes. Beachbody promotes healthy eating and working out. The shakes are in CONJUNCTION WITH a healthy diet. anyone can create and post recipes that they happen to make with shakeology, does NOT mean Beachbody promotes those. I can guarantee they don’t. You should try getting one of the programs and actually see what is promoted.

    1. dani Post author

      Actually there are Shakeology shakes, which I linked to in the article above.

      And BeachBody shakes:

      And they’re distinctly different, with different ingredients. They’re two entirely separate lines of products.

      So again – No, I didn’t contradict myself. You, along with so many of these other people, are uneducated on the products and company you’re using/selling.

  79. Lara

    I read this thinking it was a joke article, because I love Shakeology and the claims seemed so extreme. So I spent an hour fact checking everything. I was devastated to find that everything checks out, everything is true 🙁 I am bummed that I won’t be having Shakeology anymore. Thank you so much for the article Dani, you are good at what you do.

    1. Educatedperson

      I’m a nutritionist and I don’t know what claims you think are true…unless you’re the author who made a bogus account in order to somehow gain credibility? There is no aspartame, soy or any of this crap in Shakeology..the author is trying to confuse the two products 1. beachbody shakes 2. shakeology, She realized her claims are ambiguous and literally make no sense…so she now is trying to talk about other shakes the company sells which may have those “bad” ingredients, but shakeology does NOT. Don’t let this uneducated person take away something that is doing your health good. I’ve never read such an uneducated, ridiculous article in my life. I assume you ARE the author though…. Move on and stop shaming a company that has helped people get their lives back. You look ridiculous. I’ve done research and as a qualified nutritionist I can say everything you have said is as bad as a scam. If you try to come at me with your dumb responses, rest assured you will lose that fight. I’ve never commented on one of these but this is TOO INSANE not too. Please go do something worthwhile with your life.

      1. dani Post author

        I don’t have to try to come at you. Your response was so imbecilic, you did that yourself. Not to mention that you apparently can’t even decipher who the author is and is not.

        I am. And to clarify, because you, like so many others, are unable to comprehend pretty basic information – I never said Shakeology products contain aspartame or soy. Nowhere in the article, nor in the comments, did I say this. I said Beachbody shakes contain these ingredients, which is A FACT. You can read that review here: The information provided and the differentiation I’ve clearly made between the two numerous times are very straightforward, so hopefully you can now grasp the fact that I’m talking about two different products.

        My review contained factual information, links to legitimate scientific literature and unbiased information on a company that sells expensive shakes made of subpar ingredients while promoting unhealthy recipes that contain ingredients like aspartame and soy (ie: Keylime Shakeology Pie – tofu AND aspartame!). While your response is poorly worded, barely coherent and contains literally no factual, or even rational information.

        So, who exactly is the one that looks ridiculous here?

        I’ll just be over here, reaching half a million people per month with unbiased, factual information. I’m good.

          1. dani Post author

            It is, other people brought up BeachBody and I responded to those comments. Then everyone got insanely confused because the people selling this stuff aren’t educated on the products they’re pushing and the difference between BeachBody products and Shakeology products.

  80. Darka

    Thank you so much!!! I have for a long time been a non fan of the whole “shake” movement. But I have recently become so discouraged because I have been “plateaued” for so long that I was considering trying one of these again. I will just keep at my slow steady change of lifestyle and definitely try to get the ingredients to try yours.
    Cheers Darka

  81. Sherry S

    Hey there! So glad you wrote this post and I found your site! It’s obvious you want to share how people can be healthy. As someone who has had some major health issues which have been significantly improved due to a change in diet I understand this post. Maybe all of the “haters” haven’t realized that food can have such an impact on ones health. I hope for their sake they never have to go through what some of us have.

    Thank you for helping people like me! I appreciate the hard work you are putting into this site! Can’t wait to explore more!

  82. Drmwlking

    Hey there! Super helpful post even with all of the people attacking you (and somehow you’re not allowed to defend yourself because they are just voicing their opinion?! riiight. Apparently people have a hard time ‘voicing opinions’ in a civil, logical and intelligent way. Great way to twist things to get away with behaving badly.) Anyway, I was doing research on protein to the best of what knowledge I do already have. I think I really considered shakeology for a moment because it’s in my face. All. The. Time. And at first glance it does look like a decent product but dang I’m not made of money which led me to …ok IF I could pay that, is it really worth it? Which led me here and you confirmed what I already had suspected. It also showed me what health principles I’d be compromising had I started using it. SO I hate to ask but I do want your opinion- which I value and will not attack you for- on this product:
    I did a search, looked at their ingredients and would be willing to give this a shot. But much like before, I need to make sure the wool is not pulled over my eyes. I know what other products you favor and I’m not against them either but since this is one I selected myself, I’m trying to see if I can trust my own judgement in the future. Thank you in advance and don’t let the crazies get you down!

    1. dani Post author

      Thank you!

      I like that the whey you linked to is grass-fed but it has a lot of unnecessary and questionable ingredients so I personally would avoid it. I use Naked Whey.

  83. Lindsey

    Lordy, look at some of these responses. It sounds like a bunch of “Beach body” or “Shakeology” affiliates All banded together to come freak out on your blog. They are getting upset over semantics and trying to twist your words. It looks as if you are well researched and as I sit here and read the “Shakeology bag. Dani is 100% right. I am baffled that people could not understand what she was saying, it is English and pretty damn clear. The fact that she had to repeat herself like everyone is in 4th grade is pretty ridiculous.

    Personal experience, I took Shakeology for a couple weeks. It made my candida horrible, extremely bloated and very tired in comparison to just eating whole foods. And I’ve been taking pre-biotins and Pro-biotics already, so it wasn’t that. It was the sugar reacting with the candida in my stomach and slowing my digestion. I am going to stick with Nutvias 100% Organic Hemp Protein in my shakes I make.

  84. Donna


    I can not thank you enough. I have almost tried Shakeology a few times now & then come across your site.

    I make my own organic vegetable & fruit smoothies myself & will keep on.

    I am an RN. I am afraid of the lead & now the GMO’s as you have pointed out.

    I commend your for your work & intelligence in your field.

  85. Joey

    I am by no means advocating GMO’s but I don’t believe there is any research that explicitly states that they are unhealthy for us. By replacing a gene in the DNA of plants (e.g.: corn) will cause difference in genetic expression of some proteins, but the effect of such changes on the human body has not been properly studied thus far and making claims that are non based in scientific research and then including others that are (such as folic acid) creates a blurred line between scientific evidence, anecdotal evidence (he says, she says), and personal bias. I think for this review to be even more effective the author should explicitly state which is which so that readers are more informed about all the information provided herein.
    That being said, I do think this was a good review, and in my (personal) opinion one of the greatest shakes available would be the VegaOne shake.
    (Full disclosure, I am not a vegan or a vegetarian, or do I work or have any representation from Vega products)

  86. Denise

    Love your article and keep up the good work. I appreciate your efforts to educate and inform on clean, healthy eating habits. Unfortunate you have to battle with ladies on these comments. Don’t let it stop you because you have alot of valuable information that most people don’t know. And in this case what you don’t know can hurt you. Thanks again!

  87. Suzi

    I know I’m coming on the scene late in the game… I jus tried the chocolate shakeology 1 shake for three days in a row. I have to say it wrecked my stomach. I haven’t felt good for 6 days now and think I should go to the Dr. Personal experience. I wouldn’t recommend it. I’m going back to Dr. Mercola’s products. I know they work…and they’re safe. Just a customer- I don’t work for anybody involved.

  88. H

    Could you please post in the comments the link to where you found the info on how the whey protein is processed. I’d like to read it for myself. I checked out the Beachbody website and couldn’t find it. I also reread your entire article and couldn’t find where you had the link to this.

    1. dani Post author

      I contacted the company directly to ask. I suggest doing the same, along with any other questions you may have about the product.

  89. Bethany

    As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist ( and Nutrition coach, I help my clients build a a sustainably wholesome lifestyle. Part of a sustainably wholesome lifestyle is being able to provide the same nourishing foods for my family as I do for myself. Based upon the current price listed on the website, if I were to purchase 1 Shakeology shake a day for each member of my family of 6, the total would be $181.92 per week, or $9,460.36 per year! That doesn’t leave much extra room for adding in the other essential whole foods and meals for health when the family budget is limited. For some families, that is their entire food budget!
    I have written a post on my food blog for an affordable smoothie that my family just loves that contains whole foods and one of the cheapest forms of probiotics available – milk kefir. You can use locally sourced raw milk to culture your kefir grains and you get an amazing source of probiotics (friendly yeast and bacteria) that will cost a fraction of what you pay to purchase a powder. A great source for kefir grains and other DIY cultures is Cultures for Health ( Here’s to Wholesome!

  90. Sarah

    I’ve been reading a lot lately on the ethics of having a completely vegan diet vs having a truly CLEAN carnivorous diet (grass-fed beef, etc.) and am wondering if you have written anything specifically addressing this, or comparing the two. Would appreicate your take on on why the cleanest animal proteins aren’t harmful to us, because there are too many arguments for why it’s all bad and I feel conflicted.

    Thanks for your time in researching and sharing opinions 🙂

    1. dani Post author

      I keep meaning to! But that dang Lierre Keith did it for me in her book. I suggest checking out The Vegetarian Myth!

  91. sarah

    This thread is hilarious. I don’t know how you stay so patient and understanding with people that just see words and jump all over ya. They aren’t actually seeing what they are reading!! I love your blog about Shakeology. I am quitting relying on it for the second time now and i believe its because my body truly knows its not healthy for me. I battle digestion issues and I appreciate your article so much as I can now sell my 3 unopened bags and get back to relying on real food for my nutritional needs.

  92. Kevin

    People krack me up… Frick beach body. Thanks for the post! The key point here shity whey protein;p and the casting a vote every time you spend your money. Detox from heavy metals, cus that shits in everything.

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