Shots, shots, shots, shots, shots, shots, EVERYBODDDY!

This is literally the healthiest shot you’ll ever take. It improves gut function, strengthens the immune system, can help clear skin, improves/eliminates allergies and can even reduce and prevent wrinkles, stretch marks and cellulite!

You’re probably wondering how that’s all possible. So I’m going to break the ingredients down for ya.

Apple Cider Vinegar

ACV is loaded with beneficial enzymes and bacteria. It can also help kill off harmful pathogens and bacteria. Evidence has shown it to be beneficial for those with type 2 diabetes. ACV is made up of acetic acid and therefore a shot of it can help reduce heartburn. This is because heartburn is actually caused by a lack of acid.

Because ACV is packed with beneficial enzymes and bacteria and can help kill off harmful pathogens in the gut, it will boost the immune system. Roughly 90% of the immune system is in the gut, so when our gut is healthy – we are healthy. In addition, the acetic acid in ACV can help kill of candida, which can cause anxiety, depression, acne, fatigue, foggy brain, eczema, etc.

I only recommend this brand of apple cider vinegar.


Lemon is loaded with vitamin C, which you likely already know is good for the immune system and helps ward off sickness. But studies have shown that the polyphenols in lemon suppress weight gain and fat accumulation.

Lemon encourages the liver to produce enzymes as well as bile, which will in turn promote digestion and more effectively remove toxins from your system. Lemon is a diuretic, meaning it promotes urination – which is another way the body flushes toxins.


You can find the collagen hydrolysate I recommend here, enter code ANCESTRAL10 to get it for 10% off! And if you buy three or more, you’ll get an additional 25% off! That’s 35% off! It is rich in the amino acids glycine and proline, which are especially beneficial for bones, joints, cartilage, skin cells, hair and nails. Around the age of 25, the collagen our bodies produce begins to rapidly decline. This is why we start to see wrinkles, cellulite, stretch marks and sallow skin. Supplementing with collagen helps prevent this. Expensive spas even sell collagen treatments they apply to the skin, which is worthless because the skin cannot absorb collagen. It has to be taken internally.

Collagen hydrolysate also heals the gut lining. Many people suffer from leaky gut, or at least a compromised gut due to the diet we’ve been fed since childhood. If you’re anything like me, you grew up on white bread, white sugar, margarine and some cheap lunch meat. Healing the gut strengthens the immune system.

*I’ve received a lot of comments on the collagen making the shot thick or chunky. That’s because you used the wrong collagen. THIS is the brand I recommend, it dissolves easily and is tasteless. You can’t even tell it’s in there.

Raw Honey

There are so many benefits of raw honey. Raw honey is naturally high in beneficial enzymes but even contains some minerals like zinc, potassium and magnesium. Raw honey can even be used topically to disinfect a wound.

Raw honey has anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, making it great for the gut (remember – majority of health ailments begin in the gut). It can reduce or even eliminate seasonal allergies, boost the immune system, aid digestion and reduce inflammation.

Raw honey also tastes amazing and despite containing sugar, it will not spike your blood sugar.

If you can’t find truly raw honey near you, you can order it here.

Optional Add Ons:

  • Himalayan salt – rich in minerals and great for the adrenals.
  • cayenne pepper – there’s some evidence CP can promote weight loss and is a natural fat burner. It’s anti-inflammatory, boosts metabolism and is beneficial to the cardiovascular system.


  • 1.5 cups filtered water (I use this filter)
  • 7 tbsp apple cider vinegar
  • juice of one lemon
  • 5 tbsp of collagen (I recommend this brand exclusively, use code ANCESTRAL10 to get 10% off and purchase 3 or more for an additional 25% off, for a total of 35% off!)
  • 1 tbsp of raw honey


  1. Combine and shake.
  2. Store in a glass container in the fridge.
  3. This makes about five servings, which you can pour into a shot glass and take once a day.
  4. *I make this every Sunday to drink throughout the week.

The Healthiest Shot You'll Ever Take! It promotes clear + glowing skin, reduces wrinkles and cellulite, improves digestion and strengthens the immune system!

357 responses on “The Healthiest Shot You’ll Ever Take

  1. Kira

    So are you drinking the whole thing all at once, with all 7 tablespoons of vinegar, or is this like a bulk batch that you drink in smaller quantities?

      1. Monte8616

        So this drink tastes great!! Love it! But the honey doesn’t seem to dissolve – anything that should be done besides shaking? Thanks!

        1. dani Post author

          Sorry, no great advice on that one. It’s hard to dissolve raw honey with cooking it and destroying all those beneficial enzymes.

          1. Elaine

            Why don”t you warm the water and dissolve the honey then add the rest of the indg. and refrigerate to cool . 🙂

          2. Wendy

            If you mix the lemon, honey, and apple cider vinegar together first honey dissolves easily. Then add other ingredients and shake. Worked great for me doing recipe in this order.

        2. Andrew

          You could always use another natural sweetener like raw agave nectar. Just keep in mind, though it’s raw and natural, it’s still sugars and calories you’re adding. Just use it moderately and you’re great!

          1. dani Post author

            Actually you cannot use agave nectar. I recommend honey for a reason, it has beneficial enzymes and is good for the gut. Agave is highly processed and rich in fructose which raises triglycerides and is toxic to the liver. There is no moderation with agave nectar.

        3. Jade

          Hi. The collagen is made from crushed bones of bovine which means it isn’t from a harm free source. Are there vegetarian sources?

          1. dani Post author

            The collagen I recommend is from cows who lived happy lives and were amazing for the environment due to pasture based farming. This is as harm-free as it’s going to get. For all humans to eat, something else must die – whether it’s a plant, animals killed in agriculture growth (like field mice), bugs, etc. This is especially true of vegetarian based foods, particularly grains and legumes – one of the reasons I don’t eat either of them.

            A great book to read on the topic is The Vegetarian Myth, Lierre Keith provides great insight on the animals affected and killed so that we can eat, whether we’re vegetarian or not.

        4. Tony

          I use our Keurig to make hot green tea in place of the water! Let it cool a little and then add the honey. Works great and taste good. Besides, green tea is also good for the body!

      2. Annette

        I just mixed my batch, today! The collagen you recommended is just as you said. You can’t even tell it’s in there! I even love the taste. I am so looking forward to the benefits, especially the leaky gut. What amount exactly is the shot glass? I think mine is too small.

  2. Jennifer

    Hi Dani! I love your website and all the information you share. With this concoction, I have two questions:
    1. Do you drink the whole thing or do you literally just do one shot and if so how long does the mixture of ingredients stay good for. (1 shot per day for 5 days?)
    2. Seems like a silly question but are all the ingredients okay to take while in the process of trying to conceive or have already become pregnant?

    Thank you for sharing all of your research and knowledge!

    1. dani stout Post author

      I just take a shot. I’m trying to conceive too, but check with your doctor before making any changes.

  3. Chasity A.

    I’m assuming that this concoction would need to be refrigerated and if so, how long is it good for?

  4. Teresa

    I just ran across this last weekend. I finally got everything together and made it last night. I don’t taste bad at all. I try to drink 1 oz. of ACV a day in a shot or mixed with water. Is there any additional benefit if I were to do 2 shots aday? Thanks

  5. Teresa

    I ran across this last week. I finally got everything together and made it. It doesnt taste bad at all. I try to do a 1 oz. shot of ACV a day or mix it with water. Is there any more benefit to doing 2 shots a day or is that to much?
    Thanks for sharing

  6. Eydie Garcelon

    This looks very interesting and I am surely wanting to try this! Question about adding the Himalayan Salt, and the Cayenne Pepper. How much of each should I add? I am guessing just a dash of each? Maybe a teaspoon of each? The “shot” size would be about 2 oz daily then? Also…. would morning be the best time of day to drink this?
    Thank you… Eydie

    1. dani stout Post author

      Yeah, maybe 1/2 tsp. I’m not sure about the oz, I just pour into a shot glass. Morning is a great time, but any other time is fine too.

  7. La Fatma

    Hi Dani,

    This is interesting, my question is.. if we don’t have any filtered water, can we just use mineral water? really appreciated your advice 🙂

    Thank you!!

      1. Carolyn

        Dani, I read all of the comments. I am laughing so hard at how sweet you were to say how many times a time to use it or how to store it. Enjoyed reading all of it before sending a thank you note.

        Cute and appreciated.

  8. Sheryl

    I made this according to the above instructions and it is EXTREMELY gelatinous and thick which is not how your pictures look. Do you actually drink it like that or did I do something wrong?

    1. dani stout Post author

      Ahh you used the wrong kind of gelatin, it has to be the one I linked to. Green Pastures green can, the other kind basically turns everything to jell-o.

      1. Wendy Van den Bergh

        Hi there. Thanks so much for this easy method of taking in all these ingredients. I’ve been trying to figure out how to take ACV without gagging and this seems like the answer.

        My question is…As I live in South Africa, I’m not able to get Green Pastures here and wondered if you could tell me what the correct type of gelatin would be, so I can ask my local health store.

      2. Jan

        Hi Dani..
        I don’t see a link for gelatin.. did I miss something, or was the gelatin to substitute for the collagen listed?
        Thanks for all you do.

        1. Sammie B

          She’s using the words gelatin and collagen interchangeabley. So you just need to use one or the other. I had to google that too 🙂

  9. Nicole

    i looked at the link for the gelatin. I have the same can except it’s the orange can. Is that he same/work okay for this recipe?

  10. mel

    Hi there,
    this looks great, I include those ingredients (not honey though) in my daily noms. How much of this do you take?

  11. Michael Hirsch

    My mistake before reading all this comments, I made the big batch, however I drank it all at once…ugh…does that make a difference instead of drinking a shot per day?

  12. Michelle

    Hi Dani,

    This looks really interesting and I just bought all the ingredients so that my husband and I can give this a try.

    Question: How long until we notice a difference?


  13. Mary

    hey Dani,

    Love all the info you are sharing, would the shot still beneficial with out the collagen added ? I am trying to heal my gut with out any ‘powders’ or anti biotics…


  14. Maryann

    I made this for the first time last week. Is it ok that I mix it with my daily smoothie? I usually have spinach, kale, vanilla yogurt, and some type of fruit. I’ve been using this as the liquid in my smoothie and sometimes use a bit more than you suggest on a daily basis. Thanks.

  15. Jennifer

    Hi. Can’t wait to try this. Just ordered the collagen from Amazon. One question…do you have to refrigerate?

  16. Lisa Murdaugh

    I almost drank the whole thing, lol Glad I read the comments. lol. “shot” is what made me think about checking into it . BTW I think it is delicious !

  17. Sara

    any non animal substitute for the bovine collagen at all?

    The raw honey can be worked around with maple syrup or agave, but have no clue about substitutes for the collagen.

    1. dani stout Post author

      No, nor do I recommend this shot with maple syrup and especially not with agave. It’s very high in fructose.

  18. Al piece

    Hey Dani,

    This sounds wonderful I will definitely try this and
    I’ll give it to my son he plays football and is always
    pulling something tendon wise and it’s good gut
    health finally something I put five thumbs up on!!!!!!
    Thanks you rock!

  19. Kristina

    Thank You so much for this ACV recipe. I’m glad I “stumbled” upon it. 🙂
    It doesn’t taste bad at all. It does have a strong taste, due to the ACV (which is to be expected) but I think the raw honey evens things out. I am precise with the measurement of a shot. It’s 1.5 ounces. The collagen I use is from the Vitamin Shoppe. I can also get the raw honey and organic ACV from there also.
    Just had my first shot this morning! Bottoms up! 🙂

    P.S. – I measured out the raw honey and put it in a bowl and then put the bowl in a pot of hot water. Helps to soften the honey so that it mixes better.

  20. Roxie

    Is this thin like water or does it have a thicker consistency. I have issues with texture and that kind of stuff.
    I have to tell you, you are very patient. Lol

  21. Biz

    I’m allergic to honey, even raw manuka. Is there anything else I could use – I noted you don’t recommend maple syrup – could coconut nectar work?

  22. Kristen

    This sounds great, but wouldn’t ACV mess with your bodies pH levels. Most people are more acidic already (which isn’t good). Wouldn’t this make it worse? Or am I not understanding this pH thing?

    1. AnneS

      The way PH works, believe it or not, is when you eat high foods that are high alkaline (dairy, meat…) outside the body, they convert to a high acidic state inside the intestines. That’s why we need to eat foods with them that are just the opposite, foods that are high acid outside the body (fruit, vinegars, vegs, fermenteds…), because they convert to an *alkaline state in the intestines. I learned this from Dr. Marianne Rothschild at the Gaia Healing Ctr. in MD. She also explained why vinegar stops acid reflux: she explained that we cannot digest food without acid, so if we eat even one meal without acidic foods, the the stomach says to the hydrochloric stomach acid, “NO INCOMING! BRING IT ON!”. She explained next, something that changed my life and got me off of acid reflux drugs (THANKFULLY! because they were causing depression and didn’t do the job sufficiently anyway…!); she taught me what the sphincter expects: The sphincter will not close until it receives DIETARY acid. If it doesn’t, you get two responses, a hydrochoric acid flood, and worse, a sphincter that won’t close. So that is how it works. I tried it, and it worked. That’s when I found out the conventional doctor’s do-not-eat list is hogwash. I was on those meds for 14 years. I have been off of them for 12+ years, and I was healed in days. What does this mean to me? Acid reflux “disease” is not a “disease”, it’s an acidic food deficiency that can be fixed inone meal flat. This shot recipe is excellent. I take these ingredients daily, but more than a shot won’t hurt, especially if you need to overcome inflammation, gout, or joint pain. You can add HA to this by putting the *lining of an egg shell in a high efficiency blender (like a Ninja) with your “shot” and you get more HA everyday that the cosmetic industry gives you in a lifetime of buying! I also take royal jelly (fresh), and “essential glyconutrients” because only they can make stem cells. I am a cancer survivor of 11 years, and I find its worth it to pamper my health. If you add fiber to this mix, it’s all the more comfirting and helpful to your disgestion. Great post!

  23. Cassandra

    i made this today and drank a shot of it. Not too bad! But I’m wondering…it sure made a lot; looks like it will last at least two weeks at one shot (approx 1 oz) per day. I did recheck my measurements to make sure I didn’t add too much of any ingredient.

  24. Amber

    Hi! I don’t need a response, I just wanted to give you a big high five and major kudos for answering all of your readers’ questions, even when it’s a question you have answered before. That’s dedication to your readers and super cool of you.

  25. Vanessa

    Wow, it’s amazing how many people ask questions with out actually reading the post. You are very patient! Thanks for writing a simple post with all the information and links right there in it!!

    I’m looking forward to trying this. Do you think it might help with gal stones?

    1. AnneS

      If you have this shot and add a healthy oil to it, and pectin, like that in and apple, your stones can dissolve. I have done it. ACV is amazing for dissolving stones. It cuts the cholesterol, fat and calcium that make up stones. ACV will dissolve an eggshell, even a pearl, so yes, it has been proven to dissolve stones, both gall bladder and kidney.

    2. ALEXCIA

      I was just thinking the same thing how many times does she have to say SHOTS AND CLICK ON THE LINKS she provided us with everything except for actually making it .. reading is fundamental lol thanks for sharing.

    3. Gloria

      I was
      Waiting for someone to say that… is well explained in detailed with links etc. Thank you I am so trying this!

      1. Helsbels

        OMG, how many times does she have to keep saying it…… shot, make it on a Sunday and it lasts for a week…….why don’t people READ the help offered???!!!

  26. Eva

    Hi Dani,

    I’m so interested to try this for myself but is it ok to ‘try’ and give it to my children?

    I think my children are suffering from a leaky gut with eczema patches located around her thyroid glands.

    Much appreciated 🙂

      1. AnneS

        If you dilute it and add stevia, kids like this mix, especially if you add a 1/2 tsp. of magnesium “Calm”, and a few drops of vanilla. Now you might been thinking, does she really take all this stuff. This and more, if only some knew. Right now I am working with my brother to heal his glaucoma. But Dr. Robin of Johns Hopkins, and world renowned says glaucoma cannot be healed, only maintained so it doesn’t get worse. But I beg to differ, despite that I’m not a doctor. I gave him all this, and especially glycos for stem cell building. and believe be, last month his took his peripheral eye test and it came out on the chart with a wider vision range than in May, 3 months before. When a doctor says something natural is less effective than drugs, take it with a grain of salt and follow your heart. According to convention, the optical nerve that is damaged cannot recover. They are wrong, otherwise, why are they saying every other nerve in the body can be treated with stem cells?! Except the optic nerve?? I think we truly cannot underestimate these amazing whole natural foods and what they are capable of doing. My stomach lining was gone, and it is back, that and more.

    1. Karen

      Eva, it sounds like your kids might have a gluten allergy or intolerance from those symptoms you described. Try leaving gluten out of their diets for a week or two to see if their symptoms clear up.

  27. Victoria Lem

    Dani, I’ve read all of the questions and your responses and must say that you are remarkably patient! That is all. ????

  28. Colleen

    Dani, Can you please tell me how many ounces (or grams) the 5 tablespoons of Collagen Hydrolysate is? I am trying to figure out how many doses a one pound container will give me.

    I already drink the ACV, lemon, and raw honey every morning and am excited about adding the collagen to see how it does. I have been doing this for years and colds, allergies, sinus, AND the headaches I used to get are now few and far between. It DOES work! I find local raw honey works better than not……..

    1. Stayphonie

      My jaw was dropped the entire time reading each repetitive question/comment and patient response. Then I saw your comment and died/lost it. Thank you. Still dying. hahahaha I needed that. THANK YOU.

  29. Suz

    This sounded so good, I had to make it right away (even tho the collagen I have is the gelatinous sort). It is delicious! (even tho it’s “chewy cuz of the collagen I used LOL)

    I added some moringa leaf (it’s SO nutrient dense, but is a bit tough to down straight) & some Diatomaceous Earth (just cuz it, too, has immense healing/health benefits, and pink Himalayan salt. Your recipe is so delish I didn’t even notice the bitterness of the moringa.

    With a leaky gut & autoimmune disease, I’m grateful for YUMMY ways to help my health. Thank you! ???? :v)

  30. Kimberly

    I pinned this recipe months ago, got the stuff and never made it. Just pulled it back up and am rereading this blog post. I know it’s been said, but I have to say it. You have the patience of a saint to re-answer over and over the same asked questions. I would have gone insane or made an extra note at the bottom or something. Haha. Thank you!

  31. Nikki

    I read all of the comments and there have been people that already mentioned this, but I have to add mine to the pot:
    You are SO patient with the questions…… I’m not sure how people miss the info in the article, but they have, and you patiently refer them to the article AND answer the question.
    Thank You for this tip and recipe!

    I’m going to whip up a batch tomorrow!

  32. Krista

    EDIT: acetic acid if your using pasteurized ACV (harmful).

    RAW unfiltered ACV = malic acid (beneficial). Hopefully this is what people are using ????

  33. Tanya

    I have been doing this faithfully for 16 days. I have noticed a huge difference in my sinuses, bowel regularity, and reduced hunger. Thank you so much for sharing your recipe. I don’t think I will ever stop this morning ritual, it’s a total game changer and I love that it’s all natural ingredients!!! Thank you soooo much!!

    1. Rosie

      Tanya, thanks for sharing your experience.
      I am wondering if you notice any difference in your energy levels? (Hoping that this will make me more energetic.) And also have you noticed differences with your nails, hair, and teeth?
      Kind regards,

  34. Jasmine

    Hi Dani,

    I was interested in adding the Cayenne Pepper to the shot. How would I go about doing that, and what way do you think would be best to purchase it? Thanks!

    1. dani Post author

      It depends on how much you want to add and how much you’re comfortable drinking. Organic cayenne is a good option.

    1. dani Post author

      I believe there is fish gelatin/collagen you can buy, I’m not too familiar with it though. You can check on Amazon.

  35. Chandra

    I’m so anxious to try this! I’ve done the honey, ACV, lemon and water mixture, but never with collagen hydrolysate!

    My apologies if this has already been asked…I tried to read through the comments before posting.

    Anyway, I would like to add the Himalayan salt and cayenne as well. How much do you recommend or do you go by taste?

    Thank you for sharing, and as many others have said, you have a great deal of patience!

    1. Patti

      It kind of tastes like a really good olive oil salad dressing. You can add more water to each shot to make it lighter taste.

  36. Leslie

    Why glass bottle and what if you didn’t refrigerate and put in plastic bottle because you were one of the people that didn’t read all the directions?

    1. dani Post author

      I don’t recommend plastic due to BPA. If you left it out for a significant amount of time, like days, it may be best to err on the side of caution and trash it.

  37. Kristin McMillan

    Does it matter if you have an empty or full stomach when you drink it? Also, is it ok to eat a meal right after drinking it? I’ve been drinking it for a week, but normally eat right after I drink it and want to make sure it doesn’t affect the benefits. Thanks!

  38. Steph

    I have a quick question – I live overseas and cannot get the collage you suggest. Do you have any knowledge or experience with Puritan’s Pride Liquid Collagen? It seems to be the best option for me.

  39. Dana

    Patience IS a virtue!!! Thanks for sharing. Will definitely be trying this. Thanks for putting ALL of the information in the directions along with the links. Extremely helpful!!

    My new year shot!! Have a Happy New Year. Thanks again for sharing!

  40. Hope

    Why would this have to be refrigerated?. I just read on the back of the container of the exact collagen your using and its says not to refrigerate.

  41. Ivy

    Hi, I have a rare auto-immune disease called Scleroderma which involves the body producing too much collagen. I want to try this recipe but afraid of adding the collagen. Your thoughts on omitting this ingredient…

  42. Debbie

    I double this so my husband will be doing it as well. So my question it seems like a lot of juice for only five days. So that would be 3 cups of water for doubling it

  43. TERRY


  44. Andrea

    This sounds good. I understand how all of the elements of this shot are beneficial individually (and that it’s one shot per day :))… Are the benefits heightened when these ingredients are combined/do they interact with one another in a way that enhances their benefits as a group? Is that they are taken together? Or this this just an easy way to get all of these nutrients at the same time?

    1. dani Post author

      Easy way to get all of the benefits at once. And if taken in the morning, really great for digestion and strengthening the immune system and detoxification. So both, to answer your question.

      1. Karla Rivas

        Dear God, the whole article is pretty much detailing the benefits…lololol

        Thank you! I’m trying it starting tomorrow. Just got the collagen in the mail!

  45. Jamie

    Excited to try this! Someone asked about lemon essential oil & you said it would be fine; however, the recipe calls for the juice of one lemon. I am an EO beginner, so how many drops of lemon EO would you recommend for the recipe in place of the lemon juice?

    Thanks so much!

  46. Maria

    I already take 1 tsp. of Himalayan sea salt sole every morning. Could I just mix in 5-7 tsp. of the sole to this mixture?

  47. joan

    Question- I make Kombucha. Is there a chance you could use that instead of the ACV? Similar gut health properties?

  48. Ana Santiago

    One product can goes well without refrigeration, but when you added other products, you create a recipe or a different formula. Not only is possible that one of the ingredients added needs to be refrigerate to stand by but also the interaction of all ingredients will make necessary to refrigerate the final product. That’s why I follow all the instructions religiously and refrigerate when is recommended or have any doubt.

  49. Jamie

    Please advise on the amount if I’m using lemon essential oil instead of juice from a lemon. (I posted this question the other day, but can’t find it now.)

  50. Nancy

    Sounds like a great healthy combination… must also contribute to great patience since most of the questions asked are fully answered in your article and you answer so kindly!

  51. Kat

    Just for the record here apple cider vinegar is a base. I have stomach problems including heartburn and the reason apple cider vinegar works is because it neutralizes your stomach acid. Base + acid = no heartburn anymore. Heartburn is definitely not caused by lack of acid. Seems weird but ACV is not an acid it’s a base. Look it up if you don’t believe me! But this shot would definitely help all sorts of stomach related problems!

      1. Angela

        Yay! I’m so glad someone asked this question! I thoroughly read the entire article and scrolled through the comments. I saw where you can use minerasl water as well. I’ll try it with either minerasl or bottled water, I don’t have a filter. Thanks for posting this recipe, I can’t wait to try it!

    1. dani Post author

      I never recommend plastic, toxins like BPA can leech into the drink. Can you store it in a bowl and just scoop a shot out daily? Yes to refrigeration.

  52. Melissa

    Thank you for leaving descriptions of each ingredient and how they are beneficial! I hate reading articles on new health drinks, food, and routines with nothing to back it up. I will definitely be making this this weekend! Thank you!

  53. Louise

    First I have to agree with the other people who have commented on your patience, reading the comments I would of gone mad if I had to answer the same question as many times as you had.

    I live in England do you know if the Hydrolyzed Collagen we could get here would be as good ? I can find a company called Great Lakes but not sure if it would work.

    1. dani Post author

      It’s the only brand I recommend. It’s a good idea to use that size can and continue to use collagen continually for the best benefits. It’s not really a use once and be done with kind of product.

  54. Kimberly

    So I’ve read your article and all the comments and replies but haven’t seen anyone posting any results, there’s been comments from a year ago. Please post results, curious,

  55. Casey

    For the people that asked about coconut water, did you substitute the coconut water for the filtered water and if so did it impact the taste good or bad?

  56. Alison

    I started taking two scoops of collagen peptides in a cup of warm water with 1 Tbsp of raw honey and 1 Tbsp of raw Apple cider vinegar a week ago. Today, I got to wondering if the acidity of the apple cider vinegar can damage the nutrients of the collagen. I started researching and can’t really find any information specifically answering this but came across your shot recipe. What are your thoughts on this and have you seen any information about this?

  57. Sissy

    I have read ALL the comments & agree, you’ve been kind enough to respond to each.
    My question is whether or not you know if there are any problems with using this if an individual has GERD, IBS-C, Hitial Hernia, and Gastritis episodes?
    It would be a miracle of this were to work. I would like to have improvement in my quality of life. It’s very debilitating trying to live with all these.
    I look forward to hearing from you soon.


    1. dani Post author

      I actually think these ingredients would help a ton, but your diet also needs to be addressed because that is what causes IBS, GERD, etc. But start small, see how you respond and check with your doc.

      1. Sissy

        Thanks for the response. As far as the causes doc has never said. Only that I have it. I am so over it. Have even gone gluten free & very small meals but no change. I will ask PC doc, the gastro Dr so closed minded he won’t listen.

        Thanks again.

  58. Jennifer S

    So you take one shot a day, does it matter if it’s morning or night? I bought a collagen from whole foods and the instructions say to drink it 30 minutes before you eat. Does it matter that you drink it on an empty?

  59. Laurie

    I would like to do this but is it OK to do one hour prior to a regimen I’d like to do, which is a probiotic drink with flax seed flour? This regimen cleanses the colon.

  60. Kelli

    I may need something more for inflammation. Could I add fresh grated ginger and/or turmeric ( and black pepper for turmeric absorption)? Lots of spice, do you think adding these would be harsh on the tummy? Gives me heart burn to think about it! lol I have osteoarthritis in the hips and thighs from hip dysplasia. At only 39, I’m not quite ready to replace the hips! I need something I can trust to take daily with minimal side effects. Any added recommendations would be very welcome!

    Thank you so much!

  61. Danielle

    Had breakouts before college, which quickly turned into acne when I moved to NY 4 years ago. I have spent a ton of money on topical approaches and have tried many different nutritional changes, with no avail. i have surely learned to accept the issue, and that is when I stumbled upon this article. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try, plus I own many of the ingredients. I am now at the end of week 3 and for the first time have no new breakouts. Thank you for the tips, we’ll definitely be keeping this incorporated in my diet.

  62. Kimberley Jackson-Brown

    I am ordering these items from AMAZON so it will be a minute before I get it. I wanted to ask – when you say A SHOT – are you speaking of an actual SHOT GLASS??? Also, how big is the mason jar that I am storing it in? Thanks so very much!

  63. Marcie Ganier

    This was great! I made a slight change since I didn’t have collagen. I added about 1/2 tsp of turmeric instead, since that also has healing properties. Tasted great! Even my 12 yo liked it!

  64. Ryanne

    So excited, I just got all the ingredients today and took my first shot! Not bad at all, but I love lemon and vinegar (disclaimer). Can’t wait to see the benefits!

  65. SILVIA A

    Hello. I have been adding ACV, Collagen, and Cinnamon to a detox tea every morning. I take it on empty stomach. But I have been wondering if it was okay to add Collagen to hot water? I tried adding the Collagen to my green smoothie but it made too tick. I use the Neocell brand. Thanks.

  66. Stefany

    I have four questions; 1) Is it OK if I replace the filtered water with coconut water? Will I get the same benefits? 2) I was thinking of adding Tumeric to the mixture (not replacing any other ingredients), is that OK? 3) Would I benefit more by taking this daily AND nightly, or is daily enough? And last question, I’ve been constipated badly for a long while now, will this help, (along with a better diet of course)?

  67. Darlene

    Like a previous commenter, I am also allergic to lemon (and every other citrus fruit and pineapple). Would there be any benefit to using citric acid or asorbic acid (components of citrus fruits that I’m not allergic to)?

  68. Andy

    My very good friend has Crohn’s disease. Could this help. Even though it will be a nightmare finding such ingredients in Europe. Thanks.

  69. Beth

    Hey Dani, I drink a kumut wheat grass drink every morning with lemon. Was wondering if I started drinking this in addition to would it be overkill? Also would u drink this on an empty stomach?

    1. dani Post author

      No, definitely not. Agave nectar is horrible for you. High in fructose, raises triglycerides and toxic to the liver.

  70. Foye

    I really appreciate how you explain the benefits of each ingredients and a very thorough ‘how to’. Thanks for sharing your experience and knowledge – we need it!

    1. dani Post author

      I only recommend the collagen I linked to in the article, the others may or may not be good but I can’t say without seeing the source/ingredients.

  71. Becky

    You are soooo patient! Thanks for posting this recipe. I’m very excited to try this. I’m hoping it will help with my arthritis and fibromyalgia symptoms (leaky gut, sluggish bowel, brain fog, inflammation, tiredness, depression…..) Now I have a question.
    Do you have to take the shot on an empty stomach or can it be consumed after breakfast?

  72. Natalie Poole

    So I made this this past weekend and 2 things…..1. It makes way more than just 5 shots….I mean just 1.5 cups of water is more than 5 shots in itself… I doing or reading something wrong? and 2. I don’t feel like a shot is enough….how do you know that is all we need? And one more thing, a lot of sites say you should drink this type of thing warm to get the full benefit….do you agree?

    1. dani Post author

      1 – Not sure why it would be an issue if it makes more than 5 shots. 2 – I don’t know what you mean by “how do you know that is all we need?” I never said this was all anyone needs. We need food, and air, and sunlight, among other things. 3 – No, I don’t put stock in the temperature idea. I prefer it cold but if you prefer it warm, that’s fine. It’s still incredibly healthy despite the temperature variances.

  73. Pamelita

    Hello Hello Dani. Just like numerous people have stated before, you have the patience of an angel. Thank you for being an inspiration =)
    Just wanted to thank you for sharing your knowledge. I just bought 4 containers of the Collagen ( I wanted the FREE shipping lol……..) I figured my husband can consume it as well . And maybe I’ll sneak a lil bit of it in my dog’s diet .
    Hope you have an Amazing Day , Take care!!!!!!

  74. Lorna

    Find your blog this morning and read all post seems very simple to follow I ordered the collagen you linked me to it will be about 7 days before I get it can’t wait to try it always had trouble with gut looking forward to a change it seems my 4 yr old granddaughter has some of my issues I saw your post about lesser amount acv will the extra collagen be to much for a small child since very young have a healthy supply of it already would it be better to leases collagen also for her

  75. Cassie

    I’m sorry if this has been asked, but I got to about January of 2016 and got tired of ready the same thing over and over again… I suffer from a lazy thyroid. With that comes foggy brain, and a lazy metabolism, two benefits I think I read (foggy brain+a million comments about how much to drink… I can’t remember) any way… Do you know if any of these ingredients would affect my thyroid medication from being absorbed (if not it’s cool… not expecting you to be a thyroid specialist)? Currently I have to take my med on an empty stomach and wait 30 minutes before eating/drinking caffeine, and four hours before I can take any vitamins/supplements. I could just take the shot at night, but I’ve never tried anything like this… (I stumbled on this article on pinterest) and I’m curious if that would affect sleep with the vinegar, lemon and honey?

    1. dani Post author

      I don’t think any of these ingredients would interfere with any medication, but it’s not really possible for me to know for sure. You can check with your doc.

  76. Dottie

    Not trying to be rude, but most of these questions could’ve been answered by reading her complete article. She took the time to put links to products, health benefits & other useful information. Please give her the courtesy of actually reading it.

    1. Kathy

      The problem is, that the people who didn’t read the article aren’t reading these comments either. But yes I agree.

  77. Kj

    If we make a larger quantity, like a months supply, will it keep well in the Fridge? Sorry if you have already answered this question. Thank you!

    1. dani Post author

      I haven’t made that amount so I can’t say for sure and even though I’d say it’s probably fine, I wouldn’t recommend making a whole month in advance.

  78. Brenda Jones

    Thank you for all the links to the products. One question. I have always heard it is more beneficial if you use honey from the area you life in as the bees are using the allergens etc. to make the honey. Is this not applicable for this recipe?

    1. dani Post author

      You could omit the collagen. But it’s not nearly as healthy. Collagen would be an excellent supplement for vegetarians because there’s no plant based form of it.

  79. Simone

    Hello. i cannot wait to try this. I just bought the collagen but I am not able to purchase the honey in Canada. I attempted to purchase it from the link you shared but I am not having any luck. Is there any other raw honey you can suggest that is available to buy in Canada. Thank you.

  80. Maya Hanley

    I just made my first batch. I live in the UK so bought the collagen elsewhere and got the right kind (no Jello!). Looking forward to trying it out tomorrow morning when I get up. Thanks for the great recipe.

  81. Shirley

    Since avc is a cleanser and detoxifier of our digestive system, wouldn’t it counteract the collagen mixed with it?

  82. Sue B.

    I’m looking forward to trying this drink. Have you ever used Fire Cider in the recipe? That is what I have on hand. Thanks in advance for your reply.

  83. Peter

    Great drink!
    Love the positive affects and so simply.
    Got rid of my leaky gut symptoms by cutting out grains,legumes especially wheat and corn.
    Limit the amount of dairy and if you use diary go for organic and raw if you can.
    Goat milk and other goat dairy products greatly advised and better better for your digestion.

  84. Christina

    Thank you, Dani! I will try this recipe for sure. I follow you and your advice quite often. I appreciate how detailed you are in your articles and posts. Be well!

  85. Kit

    Dear Dani,
    I just stumbled upon this today and cannot wait for my ingredients to arrive. I just wanted to make one comment:
    You have a patience I wish I had. This is going to be snarky, but it would seem many of the questions here can easily be answered if they would read the OP.
    Again, kudos in patience.

  86. Barb

    My husband has kidney problems and needs dialysis and a transplant eventually. Would it be ok for him to drink this? He also has gout.
    Thank you.

  87. Tina

    Hi, I’ve come across your article a couple of times and would like to try it. I’ve read through some of the questions and comments and did’t see this question asked. Sorry if it’s a repeater! Could you use coconut water and could you add turmeric? And would those make it extra super? Thanks

    1. dani Post author

      Yes, yes and yes! Coconut water is high in potassium and would make a great replacement for the water. Turmeric is very anti-inflammatory. Go for it sister!

  88. Julia

    Could you derive the same benefit if you made these into “jello-shots”?

    What I mean is instead of springing for the non-jelling collagen, if you already have some grass-fed stuff on hand could you mix it up in the water, heat it, cool it to room temperature and then before it sets add in the other mixers so as not to destroy the enzymes and vitamins with heat and then divvy it up into shot glasses or even cool it in a little glass pan and make “shot-jigglers” cubes? Does it have to be in a liquid state when consumed?

    1. dani Post author

      Nope, making jello out of it is fine – you just have to have the correct kind of gelatin and make sure it’s grass-fed.

  89. Kelly Chasteen

    HI, not sure if this has been asked but can you use any flavor of raw honey. went to the local outdoor market and bought 2 kinds one was wildflower the other I can’t remember off the top of my head. But is is still raw honey. Will it work also??

  90. Michelle

    I’ve been doing this for just over a week. I did not have collagen so I left that out until I get some. I do think I am getting some benefit but can’t pinpoint a lot yet other than I often get peeling skin and bumps on the insides of my cheeks and that has greatly lessened since I started this. I just went to make another batch and realized that I think I did 5tbsp of lemon juice last time instead of the juice of one lemon! LOL! Trying it this time with coconut water that has aloe in it. Still haven’t got the collagen, I need to get that ordered!

  91. Nichole

    Just made mine today and am excited to start this in place of just ACV and water in the morning! I am all about boosting my immune system and healthier/younger-looking skin! Bring it on!

  92. Rick C

    Made my first batch and it about 20oz, is this correct??? As far as the shot what size, 1.5oz glass? One more question do I throw away after a week and make a new batch or can I drink till its gone?


    1. dani Post author

      20 oz is a little much but it’s fine. Yes, a typical shot glass. And nope, just drink it till it’s gone.

  93. Milissa

    I’ve been looking for a way to add turmeric (plus black pepper) and cinnamon to my daily routine, I love this “all in one shot” idea. What are your thoughts about turmeric and cinnamon (though this is probably going to have an interesting effect on the taste. Thanks for your thoughts!

  94. Keren

    Does the acidic lemon juice and acv break the collagen proteins down over the course of the week? Those of you who used gelatin – was there any difference in consistency Day 1 vs Day 5? I love this idea!

  95. Aubrey

    I’ve been using this for 5 days and I’m experiencing what has been referred to as a healing crisis… When your body detoxes you get symptoms such as those when you’re sick

    Body aches

    Has anyone else experienced this with the detox? I’m going to continue with it because I sure don’t want to stop then have to experience this again! Suggestions comments? I suppose it could be coincidental virus but I’m rarely sick.


    1. dani Post author

      I would stop using to determine if the shot is actually the cause, which most likely it isn’t. It’s so gentle, it really is unlikely that it’s causing those symptoms. Then you can reintroduce and see how it works for you. It may be helpful to further dilute or discontinue until you improve your gut health.

  96. B E Mills

    I drink a few tbsp of Lemon juice each morning in warm water & take it with my vitamins. I am eager to ry your ‘recipe’. Silly question perhaps but shall I then stop taking my daily LJ drink since LJ is contained in your recipe?

  97. morgan

    I ordered the perfect supplements collagen you linked too and read through all the comments incase I did something wrong, but I mixed some of the collagen with water just try it and it turned thick. Not sure what I did wrong or if you could recommend how to prevent that. …

    1. dani Post author

      You actually ordered the gelatin, not the collagen. I recommend and linked to the collagen, which does not gel.

  98. DiEtta

    Dani…….I have a question regarding the Collagen? I have Marine Collagen Peptides (powder) from ProCaps Laboratories (Andrew Lessman) can I use this? Thank you so much. Love your site. DiEtta ???

  99. Kelly Chasteen

    I see you mentioned it was good to add Turmeric but never really said how much to add. I’m just trying to reduce my cholesterol. how much do you think to add to the weekly mix.

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