I’ll be honest. I’m not a huge smoothie person. I don’t prefer to drink my meals and I don’t consider a smoothie a great meal replacement. Meals are meals, smoothis are smoothies. I actually consider them dessert. They are sweet, fruity and delicious, like dessert. Last night Scott and I had dinner and we were still a little hungry and both wanted something sweet so I decided to make a superfood smoothie. What’s so superfoody about it? It ain’t the blackberries, and I didn’t use some obscure nut or seed. What ups the nutrient density in this smoothie is two things: egg yolks and gelatin! Egg yolks contain omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins A, E, D, B, K and E, choline, B12 and all nine essential amino acids. Gelatin improves hair, skin and nails, reduces wrinkles and cellulite and improves joints and bone density.



  1. Combine all ingredients in a Vitamix and blend until smooth. The great thing about Vitamixes is that they are powerful enough to even blend the tiny blackberry seeds. No seed teeth for this girl.

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  2. Dani, what you would you suggest as a replacement for eggs? I think I might be reactive to them and have taken them out of my diet for now.

    • dani stout Reply

      There isn’t really a substitute, I would just eliminate them.

  3. Hi Dani, I see u use gelatin but that is made from bone cartilage. Isn’t that just as unhealthy
    Thank u,

    • dani Reply

      Nope, the bones, hides, tendons, etc. of grass-fed animals are incredibly healthy.

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