I love white rice. It’s low in phytic acid, easier to digest than brown rice, and a great form of glucose. Summer rolls are a traditional Asian appetizer that usually come with shrimp and pork, or for a vegetarian version, the dreaded tofu. I just used shrimp for mine. I love making these, and they do really well at parties.


  • half a large head of lettuce
  • half a large red onion
  • two large carrots
  • half a cucumber
  • one to one and a half avocado
  • ten shrimps
  • three tablespoons of mayo
  • one-two tablespoons of rooster sauce (I like it spicy)
  • 6 rice wraps 


  1. Roughly chop the romaine, slice the onion and avocado.
  2. Slice or use a spiralizer to get the carrots and cucumber into long, thin strips.
  3. Add mayo and rooster sauce to the carrots and cucumbers.
  4. If the shrimp is uncooked, give them a quick sear and let cool.
  5. Dip the rice wrap in warm water and let it soften.
  6. Layer the romaine, onion, avocado, cucumber & carrot mixture and shrimp. Wrap like a burrito.

carrot veg shrimp-1 wrap wrap2

These can be served with coconut aminos, or if you eat soy, gluten-free soy sauce (tamari)


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