Honestly, I’m not super big on sweets but I’ve always loved frosting. It’s the best part of the cake or cupcake. And also, my husband is a sugar fiend. That man LOVES sweet. He’d eat several treats a day if I let him, and if it wouldn’t give him diabetes and make him gain weight.

So because I know a lot of times it’s either make him a healthier dessert or have him eat a dessert when we’re out and about (that’s full of either gluten, sugar, vegetable oils, GMOs, etc) I try to make some sweets at home, then portion out them out and freeze the rest.

My latest creation was cake. I’m still working on the cake part but the frosting I threw together was awesome. It actually tastes like real buttercream frosting, minus the genetically modified dairy and sugar.

I prefer to use maple syrup in this recipe because I like the taste better, but you can use raw honey as well. The added benefit of raw honey is that it is super beneficial, has enzymes, boosts immune system, has some antibacterial property and can even improve allergies.

paleo frosting

Paleo Frosting



Put everything into a bowl and mix with a hand mixer until there are no lumps.


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