I got my hands on some bone marrow from Whole Foods over the weekend. I remember eating it at restaurants with my dad when I was a kid (probably the most nutritious thing I ate as a kid) and loving it. But prior to last night I haven’t had it in over 15 years, which is pretty regrettable. Bone marrow has long been used in traditional cultures all over the world, and is highly revered for its nutrient density. Each 100 gram portion of it contains roughly 240 IU of vitamin A, 107 mg of phosphorous, trace amounts of minerals like thiamin, niacin and magnesium, as well as 4.5 mg of iron. Bone marrow is also rich in the essential fatty acids docosahexaenoic acid, or DHA, and eicosapentaenoic acid, or EPA. A new body of research maintains that the fat of bone marrow is alkylglycerols, which is also found in liver, breast milk and cow’s milk. AKGs are extremely beneficial:

Animal studies suggest that AKGs may inhibit cancer growth by selectively destroying cancer cells via their ability to induce apoptosis. Some studies have also found that AKG’s help the body to eliminate toxic heavy metals such as mercury and that they may help protect healthy tissue from the effects of radiation therapy. Because of the immune system enhancing effects of alkylglycerols, they also help the body to fight bacterial, viral, and parasitic infections. (1)

Sweet! So I decided to make a sauce out of the bone marrow to put on top of my steak for dinner.


1 bone marrow bone

1 tbsp of butter or traditional fat of choice

1 teaspoon of lemon juice

1 medium grass-fed steak

1 teaspoon of garlic

salt and peppa

Roast your bones (I roasted two but only used one) for twenty minutes on 450. Let cool.

Melt butter or fat of choice over medium high heat, salt and pepper the steak and cook to your desired rareness. In my case, about a minute on each side. If that. I like ’em rare!

When it’s almost done cooking, scrape the marrow out of the bones and directly onto the cooking steak. There are fancy marrow spoons, but since I was unequipped I managed to get it all out using a chop stick. Once it’s all out, add the lemon juice and garlic to give it a quick sear.


I can’t even explain how good it was. The bone marrow melted and the sauce was incredibly rich. This would definitely be good with ‘shrooms and parsley, both of which I was out of. Now I can’t wait to go home and eat the marrow out of the other bone with a spoon, or chopstick, whatever.

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  1. I would have never thought of using bone marrow, but it makes sense. I came across this while searching for recipes for grass fed steak. I'm going to try this one.

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