I see a lot of posts on the interwebs about super foods. “Super food” is a buzz word. The articles will say that apples are superfood, or chia seeds, or something obscure like goji or acai berries. Are these healthy foods? Definitely. Are they superfoods? Not exactly. I define superfood as a food with an exceptional nutrient density. And wouldn’t you know, they are the exact foods considered sacred by the traditional cultures that Dr. Price studied.

Fermented Cod Liver Oil

Per 218 g of cod liver oil there is 100000 IU of vitamin A and 10000 IU of vitamin D. FCLO is a traditional food that people used to take on a regular basis. It is rich in the omega 3 fats EPA and DHA. You can buy it here. Most fish oils are absolutely useless. They are heat extracted to the point that the nutrients are denated and removed. FCLO from Green Pastures is fermented and never heat treated. Rumor has it that it was given to Roman soldiers to make them strong. It was widely used as a supplement by previous generations, but despite the fact that it is one of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet, most people have somehow managed to forget about it.


Per 100g, butter has 24 mg of calcium, phosphorous and potassium, 127 IU of vitamin D, 5673 IU of vitamin A and 7 mcg of vitamin K. Butter is rich in conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) that has been proven to prevent cancer, including lung, colorectal and skin cancers. You can also buy ghee, if you are sensitive to dairy proteins. Ghee is delicious and also very beneficial, you can but it here.

Bone broth

Bone broth is extremely anti-inflammatory and very healing to gut lining. It is rich in collagen, which reduces wrinkles and cellulite. Let me repeat that, the collagen in bone broth reduces wrinkles and cellulite. Bone broth is rich in magnesium, calcium, hyaluronic acid and a host of other amino acids. Repeated use of bone broth heals the gut lining, making the food you eat more absorbable to your body. This is extremely important considering majority of people have damaged guts due to the Standard American Diet.


Oysters are my favorite food. There’s something so awesome about eating raw oysters outside while drinking organic wine and if you haven’t done it, you need to get on it, stat. Per 100g of oysters, 59mg calcium, 4.61mg iron, 19g magnesium, 97mg phosphorous, 156mg potassium, 39.30mg oz zinc. Such an amazing source of zinc. They also contain 8.75mcg of B12.


I can’t stress enough how important liver is to a healthy diet. I suggest consuming about 1/4 lb a week. By all standards, liver is a multivitamin (a naturally occurring one that is easily absorbable) 100g of liver contain 53,400 IU of vitamin A and 19 IU of vitamin D. It has 111.3 mcg of B12, 96 mcg of biotin, 476 mg of phosphorous, 8.8 mg of iron and 380 mg of potassium. You can get order grass-fed beef liver here, or take this supplement (I take this in lieu of a multivitamin).

There are several other super foods that are absolutely amazing for health, healing, brain function and even beauty. I include these super foods, along with 20 other healthy living guides in my online health coaching program. If you’re ready to transform your life, get in shape and be the healthiest and most beautiful version of yourself, check out my 21 Day Lifestyle Transformation.









Liver: nature’s most potent superfood


  1. Two questions: regarding cod liver oil – how to you recommend ingesting it? Regarding liver, what guidelines do you abide by in purchasing the liver you consume and what type of liver do you prefer? Thanks for this interesting info!

    • I buy the liquid version from Green Pastures (cinnamon) as opposed to the pills. It is more economical, and I’d have to take A LOT of the pills for the amount I take in liquid form. As for the liver, I only but it from my local farmer, whose cows were raised on pasture. Therefore, I only recommend buying liver from pasture raised amimals. I like both chicken and beef liver. I use beef liver to hide in my foods (I’ll put it in chili, meat sauces, etc) but I use chicken livers in pate.

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  3. What about spirulina? I’ve heard of this one but never tried it.

  4. I love oysters as well but I don’t indulge that often because I thought they were full of toxins from our polluted waters. Do you have a source or advice?

    • If you’re concerned about them being from toxic waters I would buy them from a source you know it not polluted. For example I get mine locally from Chincoteague, VA. I love Chincoteague and the oysters actually help clean the water, and it isn’t a largely polluted area.

      • Thanks Dani. I’m currently in Memphis and we don’t have any real options for clean sources but I’ll be moving to Long Island this summer so maybe I’ll be able to hunt some down!

  5. Could I use the cod liver oil as a supplement durning my pregnancy?

    The bone broth, any recommendations to get the best broth?

    Same with the liver, could I eat this during pregnancy?

    Thank you for all this helpful information!!

  6. I started taking the Green Pastures/butter blend (cinnamon flavor gel) Oddly it makes me burp up fish liver taste all day but not every day I take it? I don’t know if my body doesn’t want it ? What would cause this? My kids don’t have this issue.

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