Mexican Cauliflower Rice

June 22, 2016

I love me some Mexican rice. When I was younger and would go to Mexican restaurants, I’d often just eat rice…

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Buttery Maple Carrots

October 29, 2015

Literally the best tasting carrots you’ll ever put in your mouth. Print Buttery Maple Carrots Ingredients 5 large carrots, chopped…

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Easy, Healthy Chili

October 28, 2015

I’ve been craving chili like a madwoman for two weeks now, and only recently finally pulled all the ingredients together…

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Superfood Deviled Eggs

June 16, 2015

Deviled eggs are one of my favorite snacks ever. They’re easy to throw together and insanely healthy. I upped the…

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Shrimp & Avocado Salsa

May 5, 2015

Today is Cinco de Mayo, and like any good Arrested Development fan, yesterday I celebrated Cinco de Cuatro. In doing…

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Paleo Tuna Salad

May 1, 2015

Scott loves tuna salad. With extra mayo. In fact I made a bunch of this earlier this week and he…

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Paleo Buffalo Chicken Deviled Eggs

April 10, 2015

I used to hate buffalo wing sauce. I did NOT understand why people liked it. Or buffalo wings. I like…

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Paleo Pancit

April 8, 2015

I grew up eating Filipino food because I had Filipino neighbors and went to school with a bunch of Filipino…

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Paleo Greek Green Beans

March 18, 2015

There’s a Greek restaurant that Scott and I regularly go to. I would go all the time if he agreed…

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Ten Minute Greek Salad

March 16, 2015

Originally, Scott and I wanted to go to Greece for our honeymoon. But after weighing the pros and cons (read:…

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