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Meal Prep: Taco Salads

I’m tired. You guys – I am NOT the type to complain about my son. He’s awesome. He’s so much fun. But I’m going to be honest, he’s gotten up between 4-10 times in the night the past week and I’m just kind of tired. I KNOW babies wake in the night. We’re working on fixing this issue and it’s not a huge deal. But point being: holy hell am I glad I already meal prepped these taco salads. It’s so nice to just walk to my fridge, shake up one of these salads, pour it in a bowl and devour. Because it’s rill rill tasty. Honestly, they’re SO good. I didn’t use to love salads but that’s because I was doing them all wrong. Like most people, I loaded it with spinach or romaine and only a few other veggies like random tomatoes, some carrots and maybe some chicken.…

Asian Chicken Salad

Like I always do on Sunday, I make a bunch of food. I batch cook so that I’m not stuck trying to cook while simultaneously entertaining my son. Because frankly, I’m not that entertaining. I’m out after a couple rounds of peek-a-boo, and he’s over it before I am. Sometimes I feel like he’s already a teenager, he’s a master of the side-eye. So this past Sunday I made a bunch of chicken for lettuce wraps. I love me some lettuce wraps. My love affair with them started at PF Chang’s when I was 15. I’ve been a fiend ever since. I still love PF Chang’s, even though they use super questionable ingredients and maybe hurt my stomach a lot. Anyway, because I already made the chicken, this salad came together in under ten minutes. Seriously – batch cook on the weekends! It will save you so much time and…

Butternut Squash Carbonara

I recently found pre-made butternut squash noodles at Whole Foods – which I highly recommend. It’s A LOT easier than spiralizing that sucker yourself, but it is also a bit more expensive. It was a total impulse by for me and also totally worth it, because it was really effin’ good. I immediately thought making butternut squash carbonara would be amazing – and I was right.  My favorite veggies to spiralize: potato, white or Japanese (I can’t stand sweet potatoes) cucumber carrot zucchini – I actually don’t eat zucchini because it hurts my stomach but I hear they’re absolutely delicious when spiralized This is my favorite spiralizer. It’s easy and actually a bit cheaper than other popular options. Butternut squash is a wonderful substitution for pasta for several reasons. First, it’s a vegetable. Butternut squash is a great source of: potassium folate B6 fiber folate vitamin C manganese Second, most pasta…

Quick + Healthy Chicken Tacos

Sometimes I get an overwhelming desire for chicken tacos. It’s all consuming and they become all I can think about until I stuff my face with them. Case in point: last Friday I was doing my usual grocery shopping. Everett was asleep in his stroller and I was leisurely browsing in Whole Foods…because I love Whole Foods. I’m checking out a cheese melter thingy that I’ll never use and never buy because it’s thirty seven dollars and I can melt my own cheese and…the taco craving hit. Hard. I quickly gathered the rest of the items on my grocery list and headed home. Except when I got there, the baby woke up. Which is okay, because he’s really cute and sometimes I think my heart will explode because I love him so much. So I fed him, impatiently. Silently imploring my kid to hurry the hell up so I could…

Paleo Greek Tuna Salad

Every Sunday I make a big batch of food for my husband to take to work. I often make this tuna salad because it keeps well and is crazy easy to make. You can really add whatever you like, but I like to give it some Greek flavors. Because I’m obsessed with Greece. And Greek food. And Greek herbs and spices. [amd-zlrecipe-recipe:23]

Super Easy Pork Belly

Okay so before you think this picture is an entirely accurate depiction of what this pork belly will look like when it’s finished – I had to take it out of the oven to photograph because the sun was going down! It now gets dark around 5pm, and I put this in the oven around 3pm and it wasn’t done cooking, but I wanted to have a picture to share this awesome recipe with you guys! So just know that in real life, the skin is way darker and crispier. I know that there are a ton of recipes out there for pork belly. Most involve spices, scoring, starting at one temperature, changing to another and putting the pork belly in a steam bath. I don’t enjoy any of that. I like to keep my cooking as simple as possible. Sometimes I do score the skin, other times I don’t.…

Paleo Honey Sriracha Chicken

I saw this recipe floating around Pinterest and like most of the meals I make, I decide I can make them healthier but still taste really good. And I’m getting pretty good at that. Especially Chinese food. Because I haven’t had Chinese food in about five years, and I freaking love it. [amd-zlrecipe-recipe:15]

Paleo Bang Bang Shrimp

So apparently this is a dish from Bonefish Grill. Admittedly I’ve never been there, but I’ve seen this recipe floating around Pinterest for years. It always looked really, really good but was coated in cornstarch and tossed in rancid vegetable oil mayo, which just sounded gross to me. And then I thought, I can just make paleo bang bang shrimp. No cornstarch, no sketchy ingredients and no heart attack inducing vegetable oils. [amd-zlrecipe-recipe:14]

Arugula, Tomato & Burrata on Paleo Pizza Crust

I kid you not, this is the most legit paleo and grain-free pizza crust I’ve ever tried (not just the most legit pizza crust I’ve ever made – the most legit paleo crust I’ve ever tried). You can hold it like an actual pizza without it being a floppy mess, it stands up to a ton of toppings and it’s a bit chewy. I topped it with garlic and olive oil, then added arugulua, roasted tomatoes and burrata. But my favorite way to eat it is with pizza sauce, fresh mozzarella and a ton of mushrooms (my favorite topping ever). Load it up with your favorites for a healthy pizza night! The recipe is actually pretty simple and it’s easy to make. Here’s what the dough looked like. and here’s what it looked like spread out and topped with olive oil. [amd-zlrecipe-recipe:13]

Ten Minute Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Sometimes, I realize that I’ve worked for four hours straight and I missed lunch and I’m starving. It’s usually at this point I seriously consider downing an entire bag of coconut oil potato chips. Which, let’s be honest – has happened. But it’s way healthier to whip up these ten minute chicken lettuce wraps and it’s honestly ready in under ten minutes. It barely takes any time at all and they taste awesome. [amd-zlrecipe-recipe:3]