I am IN LOVE with this drink I’ve come up with. Not only is it seriously delicious, it literally helps improve anxiety. Which to be honest, is something I need right now. Winter, less sun, less activity, just spent four and a half months in the NICU and have a new baby at home after a traumatic birth. I need alllll the anti-anxiety help I can get.

For me, I have to take steps daily to keep my anxiety at bay. It’s kind of like my skincare routine. If I didn’t keep up with it, I’d start to see acne. If I don’t keep up with my anti-anxiety routine, I start to have anxiety. And I’ve found this is true for majority of people. If you don’t take the steps to take care of yourself, that’s going to manifest as depression, anxiety, unhappiness, etc.

I recently spoke with a friend who told me about someone she knew who had depression and anxiety due to a “chemical imbalance.” She told me this friend eats poorly, has gained about 50lbs recently, eats candy constantly, drinks, smokes and doesn’t exercise. In cases like this, anxiety and depression are not caused by a chemical imbalance (which is impossible to actually diagnose, by the way). You better believe that if I ate poorly, didn’t exercise or take care of myself I’d have anxiety and depression too!

We all have to do what we can, especially those of us who suffer from anxiety, to take care of ourselves. Be kind to your body. Treat it well. Do things you love. Create a self-care routine. Start with this delicious drink!

Here’s what’s in it that makes it so effective for anxiety.
This anti-anxiety elixir is a delicious drink backed by science that will actually help improve anxiety. Rich in probiotics and magnesium!


In one study, scientists found that giving mice probiotics reversed their autistic symptoms (of which anxiety was one).

A study from the University of Toronto found that supplementing with probiotics in people with chronic fatigue syndrome led to reduced feelings of anxiousness.

In 2011, scientists found that giving people a probiotic for 30 days reduced their depression and anxiety.

A study out of UCLA found that women who ate yogurt twice a day had improvements in the part of the brain that
process emotion, and improved anxiety symptoms.

A recent study at UCLA demonstrated that yogurt intake could positively affect brain function, particularly feelings of anxiety. According to the researchers,

“Four-week intake of an FMPP [fermented milk product with probiotic] by healthy women affected activity of brain regions that control central processing of emotion and sensation.”


In Psychology Today, Dr. Emily Deans discusses case studies on the effects of magnesium,

“A 40 year-old “irritable, anxious, extremely talkative, moderately depressed” smoking, alchohol-drinking, cocaine using male took 125mg magnesium taurinate at each meal and bedtime, and found his symptoms were gone within a week, and his cravings for tobacco, cocaine, and alcohol disappeared. His “ravenous appetite was supressed, and … beneficial weight loss ensued.”

A 59 y/o “hypomanic-depressive male”, with a long history of treatable mild depression, developed anxiety, suicidal thoughts, and insomnia after a year of extreme personal stress and bad diet (“fast food”). Lithium and a number of antidepressants did nothing for him. 300mg magnesium glycinate (and later taurinate) was given with every meal. His sleep was immediately restored, and his anxiety and depression were greatly reduced, though he sometimes needed to wake up in the middle of the night to take a magnesium pill to keep his “feeling of wellness.” A 500mg calcium

pill would cause depression within one hour, extinguished by the ingestion of 400mg magnesium.”

This study, performed at the University of Melbourne, found that magnesium deficiency is directly related to depression.

Anti-Anxiety Elixir


  • 1 cup filtered water (I use this water filter)
  • 1 cup of GT's lavender kombucha (lavender is especially wonderful for anxiety - and delicious!)
  • 1 tsp Natural Calm Raspberry Lemon


  1. Combine all ingredients.
  2. Pour over ice.
  3. Enjoy up to twice a day!
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This anti-anxiety elixir is a delicious drink backed by science that will actually help improve anxiety. Rich in probiotics and magnesium!


  1. What’s the difference between the magnesium drink and the magnesium and calcium drink?

  2. Where do you buy the Lavender drink? None of my local retailers seem to carry that particular flavor. Or is there a substitute flavor that could also work well for battling anxiety?

    • dani Reply

      You can actually use any kombucha, it won’t have lavender but the probiotics would be great! Just look for low sugar.

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